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Chapter 124: Lin/Bai (6) 39,600 Roses

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey is waving at the dawn


Lin XiuYong jerked his eyes up, his heart was struck, “What did you say?”

Bai SiNing stared at the messy combination lock and rubbed his fist, still maintaining a smiling tone, “I said can we stay here forever?”

He was simple-minded and limber, thinking of it subconsciously,  so he had done so. It should be a happy thing to be locked up with the person you liked.

Lin XiuYong persistently asked, “No, the previous sentence.”

Bai SiNing blinked and thought back for a moment, “The combination lock is broken.”

Lin XiuYong reached out and twisted his ear, gritting his teeth, “The very first sentence.”

“Oh, that…” Bai SiNing blushed and repeated, embarrassed, “I like you too.”

He had just crouched by the grass next to the building, thinking of many ways to confess his love, fierce, subtle, straightforward, but never thought he would say it in this situation. But what did it matter? He now knew one thing, they loved each other. And it seemed that Lin XiuYong loved him very, very deeply, which was an unexpected pleasure.

“So you… yesterday… volunteered?” Lin XiuYong asked the root of the problem, hating to clear all the doubts in one breath. He was so happy that he was going crazy, barely able to maintain his apparent calmness.

Bai SiNing reached out and pushed, muttering resentfully, “Of course, what do you take me for? I must like you a lot to do that.”

“Mn, I just feel a little unreal.” Lin XiuYong heard the satisfying answer and let out a low laugh, “When did you find out you like me?”

Suddenly, when talking about the matter of enlightenment, Bai SiNing was more bashful. People have been in love for years, he actually didn’t find out at all! This was a straightforward insult to his intelligence! Bai SiNing twisted the palm of his hand, softly pampered, trying to bring the topic over, “Oh, just a few days ago. But I’m a man of action, I’ll act once I’ve thought it through. Unlike some people, who secretly refuse to show it at all.”

Lin XiuYong was exasperated, “I’m not obvious enough? Go out and ask everyone who knows the both of us, except you should be able to see even the sweeping lady.”

“It’s not that exaggerated…” Bai SiNing took another look at the wall full of photos and still felt overwhelmed. Just how strong were his feelings to make himself face such hundreds of Bai SiNings again and again. “Can I go closer to see those?”

“You can look.” Lin XiuYong reached out and cupped his palm, squeezing his ten fingers in slowly, interlocking their fingers. There was a little sweat on his palm, revealing the tension of his unsettled heartbeat.

Bai SiNing clasped his hand back, using the warmth of his palm to warm up his cold hand little by little. He seemed to understand his meaning, he was hot and warm, and could bring Lin XiuYong happiness and strength.

Lin XiuYong pulled Bai SiNing to the photo wall and explained, “These enlarged photos were all taken when I took time out over the past few years. This is the laboratory where I do my personal experiments, and sometimes I come to stay for a few days when I have insomnia. I often stare at your photos, thinking when you would give me a response.” As if thinking of a million repetitive and boring nights, he lowered his head and laughed to himself, “It’s sick, but I can’t help it. This way, I can feel a little better.”

Such Lin XiuYong wasn’t smart at all, like an idiot trapped in love. It was the first time Bai SiNing had heard Lin XiuYong say so many words. He made up that scene in his head, Lin XiuYong sitting alone in a dark lab, thinking about his fruitless unrequited love, and losing sleep all night long. The man said it lightly, but three years, a thousand days and nights, was never so easy to get through. He turned his head sideways, glanced at Lin XiuYong, and asked the last question with a feeling of apprehension.

“My personality has changed quite a bit from the last life, do you feel disappointed? Or did you fall in love with me because you regret that you didn’t get to be with the other Bai SiNing?”

“Silly, I like you any way you are. I won’t change my love for you because you talk a lot or talk a little. What I love is your truthfulness, and to be honest, at that time I thought you were too silent, and now you’re much better, heartless and silly.” Lin XiuYong laughed a little, reached out and rubbed his head, “Don’t think about it.”

“Oh, so I’m so great.” Bai SiNing blinked unconsciously, a little floored by the compliment. He thought about it and apologized, “I’m sorry I was late. Luckily, you persisted for so long, otherwise I would have missed you.”

Lin XiuYong shook his head slightly, with some paranoia in his expression, “I won’t let myself miss you, after all the effort to cross back, wasn’t it to be with you?”

Bai SiNing’s eyes slowly widened, shocked once again. The amount of information tonight was a little too great, and every single thing shook him, “You came back for me? I heard about your father who died in battle before you were born. Didn’t you research time travel so you could see him?”

Lin XiuYong turned around and carried the person to the huge workbench, putting his knee against the person, a rather strong position. He touched Bai SiNing’s with his knee before saying, “Your brain really isn’t working very well. If I traveled back to before my dad died, wouldn’t I still be an embryo? How would I be able to see him? Some regrets, the past is the past. Although I tried, I also accepted the worst results.”

There were some things that could only be let go. And some emotions could be recovered. Lin XiuYong, who was in his twenties, had long since learned this after experiencing life and death.

“Right, oh, so you really did it for me…” Bai SiNing looked at him, a sudden surge of emotions in his heart. How could he have the virtue to let a person risk his life to make such an attempt? In the case of half probability of failure, but also determined to embark on the journey. Moreover, the result was unknown, the road ahead was slim, it was likely to be a lone courage after the pulverization.

But Lin XiuYong still did so. Was it really worth it for an ordinary Bai SiNing like him?

“Why are you crying?” Lin XiuYong’s voice was gentle, as he wiped the end of his eyes with his fingertips.

Bai SiNing huffed his nose, with a nasal voice trying to squeeze out a few words, “My heart hurts.”

He couldn’t say exactly why, but it just hurt. Maybe it was because he got his feelings in his heart, and he was standing on his friend’s side from beginning to end. Perhaps it was heartbroken that he made such a decision regardless of everything, only for a nebulous possibility. Perhaps, it was simply the feeling that it was tragic that he fell in love with someone as unresponsive as him. Especially when they also liked each other, those missed emotions, as if they created a common link.

Bai SiNing felt his heart all stirred together in dense pain. He reached out and pulled Lin XiuYong closer, with a rare emotional intelligence, “I will love you well in the future.”

“Mn, I have no real feelings until now…” Lin XiuYong looked down at him and begged, “Say it again, that you like me.”

He didn’t ask Bai SiNing to love him more than he did, as long as he didn’t hate him or exclude him, that was enough.

“I love you.” Bai SiNing said.

It was hard not to love Lin XiuYong who was so affectionate and righteous. Better than the expected words, Lin XiuYong’s heart beat fast. Bai SiNing was too good; three simple words could set him for life.

“I love you, Lin XiuYong. Do you hear that? I love you too.” Bai SiNing hooked his neck to press the person down, tilted his head to his lips, with a million apologies and like, all kinds of emotions mixed together. The workbench was made of steel, which was a little chilly.

Bai SiNing slightly raised his hand, hanging his weight on Lin XiuYong, and kissed deeper. He hated to pull out all his emotions and show him, tell him. You see, you did not waste your deep love in vain, I also love you, I gave you a response.

Lin XiuYong still kissed him very gently at first, and unconsciously increased the force. He controlled Bai SiNing’s palm pressed against the workbench, pressing the person into a wonderful arc. Since it was his beloved baby, he must possess him wholeheartedly. Put on the brand that he belongs to him, and then make it known to the world.

“I forgot that your susceptibility period isn’t over yet.” Bai SiNing was kissed until he was a little breathless, “I told you not to run around, yet you still drove the mecha so far.”

“I was afraid of losing you, I was really afraid.” Lin XiuYong said the most affectionate words on his lips, but did the most rogue things with his hands. He lifted the hem of Bai SiNing’s shirt, gazing at the hickeys all over his body, and raised the corners of his mouth slightly, “Want to add some new ones?”

Bai SiNing struggled a bit and brought himself to his mouth again, “Yes, I want to get your console dirty.”

Soft with a bit of shyness, the voice was very seductive. It seemed that the progress was a little bit more divine, but it was no longer so important. Lin XiuYong had waited for him for so long, and in those long years, everything was watertight, and he had to speed up the process to get alongside him.

Bai SiNing raised his neck impatiently, his thighs were cold from the steel tabletop, and his body was on fire again. He bit his lower lip, trying to control himself, and was pushed away by Lin XiuYong’s fingertips, “No one can hear you this time, so let your voice out.”

Bai SiNing was obedient, and he really opened up and screamed. The area around the lab was open wilderness, and he knew it when he arrived. This man had bad intentions and wanted to tie him up in the middle of nowhere. However, he fell in love with the prisoner who kidnapped him and was willing to become his prisoner forever. He was willing to stay here for the rest of his life.

He was willing to stay in this prison.

Lin XiuYong was like this cold laboratory, seemingly cold-blooded and heartless. Who could have known that there was so much fondness and tenderness hidden inside? Bai SiNing thought he had to make Lin XiuYong feel a little warmer. He was very active and slutty. Extremely capable of making people go crazy.

In such an enclosed space, all the senses were maximized. Lin XiuYong simply loved such Bai SiNing, innocent and erotic. He was too clumsy to say anything more moving, just a call of “baby” and then he sprung into action.

“Oooh, my ass is numb, is there a softer place?” Bai SiNing grunted and could only cry while panting.

Lin XiuYong was amused and laughed as he bit his lower lip, “Yes, there’s a bed inside with all the facilities.”

He finally released the person, picked him up, and slowly walked towards the lounge inside. Even this short distance, he couldn’t help but want to bully him. Bai SiNing hung on him like a tail-less bear, his brain stiflingly wondering… if he shrunk a bit more, he would be able to fit into Lin XiuYong’s pocket and take him wherever he went. He was thrown onto the bed again, this time it was very soft indeed, much more comfortable than the steel workbench.

He heard Lin XiuYong say, “I won’t let you go this time.”

Not going to let go, on all levels.

Lin XiuYong had a nightmare in the middle of the night, the clips that had tormented him over and over again, and he dreamed again of the time he went to get Bai SiNing’s ashes. He broke through the barriers in the night like a thief and stole the urn, carrying it in his pocket.

It was the hardest day, not even seeing the last of Bai SiNing, before hearing the sad news. The love of many years was stuck in his throat, and the person he was talking to had been turned into the stardust of the universe.

He was desperate and overwhelmed.

After twenty years of life, the road ahead seemed to have turned into nothingness. That emotion seemed to be buried in the bones, every time he looked back, it was more and more intense pain. He woke up with a cramped heart and saw the soft person in his arms and let out a sigh of relief. The little friend was tightly wrapped around his waist, buried his head in his chest and slept sweetly. His mouth was moving, as if he was muttering something.

It was cute and made his heart happy. He looked down very carefully at his eyebrows, and his fingertips touched the scabbed scars on his face. He may have to go and beg for a stronger peace amulet, a more powerful one, he wasn’t allowed to have even a little injury.

He wanted Bai SiNing to be happy, safe, healthy, and always with him. Lin XiuYong lowered his head and kissed him over and over on his brow. The night was long, but he didn’t dare to close his eyes. He was afraid to wake up, once he slept again, everything would become a dream.

Bai SiNing slept very lightly this time, and was tickled by the kisses again and again as he opened his eyes. He looked at the person in a daze, and only after a while did he belatedly react to the fact that he was in the lab, and smiled again, “You’re awake?”

“Mn, I want to see more of you.” Lin XiuYong hugged him very tightly, as if he wanted to rub the person into his body.

Bai SiNing was instantly refreshed, and only now did he realize Lin XiuYong’s worry. It may take a little more time for him to heal. But he was a happy man, Lin XiuYong would be fine. He rubbed his head against Lin XiuYong and said comfortingly, “I really won’t go away again, I promise.”

The night was very heavy, suitable for the continuation of the heart. Lin XiuYong’s fingertips touched the back of Bai SiNing’s neck and said very softly, “There’s one more thing I forgot to tell you, I gave you a bunch of sunflowers on graduation day, remember?”

“Yes, I made them into dried flowers and put them away at home.”

“Mn, their meaning in flower language is: silent love, fool.”

Bai SiNing was touched for a moment, then pushed him with a huff, “You threw away the flowers I gave you!”

Lin XiuYong gave a puzzled hmmm, wondering why the two of them, at four in the morning, started pulling out old scores. He asked, “When?”

“Roses, I gave them to you four days ago, 99 per day, 396 in total, and you threw them in the trash!” Bai SiNing was resentful, his brain was spinning fast.

“So it was you who sent them, your math is good at this moment.” Lin XiuYong swept away the gloom, holding back a smile, “Sorry, I didn’t know it was from you.”

Bai SiNing was really good at ruining the atmosphere, turning a quiet night of just confirmed relationships into an accusation conference. So, Lin XiuYong still had romance in his bones and pulled the mood back. He said, “I’ll compensate you, I’ll use 39,600 roses to propose to you, okay?”


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