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Chapter 36: Why Was Ye Fei Holding a Pair of Ponytails

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey, still waiting for the fluff


Bai SiNing was happy with their current pose and quickly pressed the shutter first to take a few shots. Intimate, yes, but something didn’t seem right. Ye Fei even slept with a cold aura, as if he was about to open his eyes and beat someone up every minute. Taking photos was a technical task, and stealing photos was a walk in the park for the CP fan.

He pulled out the mess of knick-knacks again, and picked out the bow and stuck it on Gu Ang’s head.

Gu Ang’s hair wasn’t too short, just enough to hold it.

Bai SiNing smoothly pulled Gu Ang’s hand out of the covers again and pointed his index finger at his cheek, looking like a delicate, youthful beauty. He clicked a few more and stared at the pictures.

Two handsome faces, one with a pink bow, the other with a black twin ponytail, look like sisters in any way, not quite right. Bai SiNing scratched his chin, they’re both Alphas, so who’s on top?

What the hell, try them all.

Bai SiNing’s mind flashed back to Gu Ang’s somewhat shy ears reddening, and fuck, Brother Ang was the bottom. He quickly took the twin ponytails off Ye Fei’s head and put them on Gu Ang’s, carefully curling the ends upwards to create a playful shape.

As for Ye Fei… 

The arms around the waist were intimate, but it felt almost fun.

Bai SiNing had an idea, and with the boldness of putting life and death on the line, he pulled Ye Fei’s shoulder and flipped him over, pressing him directly against Gu Ang, and then brushed Ye Fei’s hand against the side of Gu Ang’s face.

Oh my god, the duality of dominant fierce Alpha and petite sweet Omega came out. It looked sweet and affectionate and perfect. Bai SiNing was quite happy with his pose.

Left, right, side, even stepping over the side of the bed and looking down to get a full set of pictures. In his next move, he laid Ye Fei flat on his back and had Gu Ang roll over on top of him. Ye Fei was breathing heavily, reflexively hugging the person and rubbing them into his arms, right in the middle of the action.

At this sight, Bai SiNing’s mouth was split to the base of his ears.

He was so cooperative, and the night was beyond wonderful.

Photo by photo, he was about to switch to the next move when Gu Ang muttered, probably smothered, and gave a gentle shove at the person holding him.

Bai SiNing was so frightened that he crouched at the foot of the bed, afraid of being beaten half to death if someone found him in the middle of the night.

Luckily, Gu Ang just reached up and fiddled with the hair that was plastered to his face and fell back into a deep sleep.

Bai SiNing didn’t dare to make any extra movements, and removed the pile and clutched it in his hand speedily, seeming to pull Ye Fei’s hair in his anxiety. He lay back in the next bed, his heart pounding.

In the afterglow, he saw Ye Fei slowly sitting up, dropping his eyes to look at Gu Ang.

Bai SiNing didn’t dare to get out of the atmosphere, and suddenly remembered that the little straw hat hadn’t had time to be put away, and was sitting on the bedside table next to Ye Fei’s bed. His palms were soaked in sweat, and he tucked the all-important camera into the waist of his pants first, keeping the silent thought that he must not find it.

And yet… 

Ye Fei turned his head and saw the little yellow straw hat, a color that stood out in the darkness like a beacon.

Where did this come from? What the hell?

Gu Ang was exhausted and sleeping heavily. Then there was only one suspect, Bai SiNing, who suddenly ran in to stay overnight. He got up and gathered his loose bathrobe, standing next to the next bed and dropping his eyes to the person. A strange bulge in the quilt, like he was hiding something.

Ye Fei lifted the quilt, Bai SiNing eyes were tightly closed instead, and a pile of messy contraptions were cupped in his hands.

Especially the two long black strands of hair, the strands tangled around slender wrists, which looked especially frightening in the night.

Ye Fei: “…” He sighed breathlessly, “You still have that fetish?”

Bai SiNing’s ears listened to the words, but dared not agree. If he made a sound at this point, he could be dead by tonight. He trusted Ye Fei’s gentleman enough that he shouldn’t have to shake himself awake to confront him, and simply pretended to sleep to the end.

Ye Fei didn’t do anything further either, just gave him an inexplicable look and decided to wait for everyone to wake up the next day before interrogating him. To avoid destroying the evidence, he stuffed the little straw hat into his closet before going back to bed.

It was already slightly dawn, but Ye Fei could no longer sleep. He turned on his side with his eyes half-closed, covered with the covers, his fingers running over Gu Ang’s body. They slid slowly down from the collarbone, to the chest, and then to the waist.

The robe had long since loosened and he could touch the smooth skin directly, even follow the vein’s course lines.

On this night, Gu Ang belonged to him alone.

Ye Fei drifted off into the morning, hearing a rustle of movement in the next bed, and immediately opened his eyes and sat up.

Bai SiNing was catapulting the pile of stuff he was holding into his school bag when he was caught dead in the act. He laughed awkwardly, “God Ye, you’re up so early…”

Ye Fei raised an eyebrow, “Where did those come from?”

Bai SiNing played dumb with an innocent face on top of his, “I don’t know what you’re talking about…”

Ye Fei got up gingerly and hooked the hot little straw hat from the closet in his hand and tossed it over, “Here, and your twin ponytails, bow, what were you doing up in the middle of the night?”

Bai SiNing pursed his lips and decided to sacrifice himself, “I have some weird fetish and can’t sleep without touching these things.”

Ye Fei recalled last night, “But you came back yesterday, cuddled up under the covers and fell back to sleep.”

Bai SiNing nodded, thinking that it was a good thing he hid the camera, “Yeah, it’s not like I woke up in the middle of the night.”

The cover flopped open next to him and some little monster woke up to the sound of conversation.

“Why are you two so spry this morning? You’re disturbing my sleep.” Gu Ang blew up with a mess of hair and sat up, looking at the two men standing by the bed with a look of anger.

“It’s fine, nothing’s wrong.” Bai SiNing stuffed his straw hat into his school bag, “I have to go to the set to communicate first. You two get up and hurry over to take pictures.”

Gu Ang oh-so-slightly raised a hand to signal to go.

Before Ye Fei could finish his question, Bai SiNing slipped away in a huff.

He went into the bathroom and came out after washing up, seeing that Gu Ang was still confused, he reached out and rubbed his head, “Get up, let’s go take pictures, make it quick.”

“You really want to take pictures.” Gu Ang muttered, “Wearing what?”

“There must be clothes ready over there, feel free to wear them.”

Gu Ang got up and pulled on a sweatshirt, brushing his teeth and coming out before looking sluggishly at Ye Fei and spitting out, “Good morning.”

He had slept well last night, and nights with this man by his side were always extra comforting.

Ye Fei laughed at his dumbfounded look and didn’t resist rubbing another handful of hair, “Let’s go.”

The two arrived at the set where the promo was shot, and sure enough Bai SiNing was already squatting there, with two custom suits sitting in the lounge area next to them.

Bai SiNing was squatting to fix last night’s piece, when he saw them coming, he hurriedly hid it behind him, “Here you are. Go change, these were made in your size.”

Gu Ang and Ye Fei entered the locker room one after the other, usually used to taking off their clothes, so they didn’t care. The two men stood side by side to get the clothes off their bodies before picking up a neatly folded shirt that had been set aside.

Gu Ang was looking down and buttoning up when he raised his eyes and saw a half-naked Ye Fei in the reflection of the mirror across the room, sweatpants still hanging loosely from his waist with the belt loosened, his mermaid line slipping down and being perfectly blocked.

He fixed his eyes on it, and surprisingly felt a little lost as to how it didn’t show a little more. He stared unblinking at Ye Fei as he put on his shirt and bent down to prepare to remove his pants. The action was going the way it was going in his head, but he didn’t dare look any closer.

Gu Ang turned red and quickly lowered his head to put his clothes on, and when he looked up again, Ye Fei was already dressed.

Well-dressed with a touch of bad boyishness. It was just a bit of a shame to miss out on the views.

Gu Ang licked his lips and hooked the tie next to him around his neck, tying it in a not-so-pretty bow tie.

“Not like that.” Ye Fei reached over and pulled the tie, bringing the two closer together as well. He lowered his eyes and tied his tie thoughtfully, deliberately ignoring the snuffles that twined around each other.

They were really close together, just a fingertip away. For the average student, that was a bit crossing the line.

Gu Ang dropped his hands to his sides and froze as he moved. The uniforms were indeed tailored to fit, sized to fit, and outlined both of their figures in a straight and slender way.

Gu Ang shook his head> When they had a wedding, wasn’t it the same?

Wearing a similar suit, they helped each other fix the bow tie, button the last button of the jacket, and then took the stage to receive the blessing of the crowd. It didn’t even take a day for everything to fall apart.

When they first got their certificate, Gu Ang told Ye Fei, “When this time is over and my mom is better, we’ll have a big wedding. Invite all those people who have adored you over, so they can see that you, Ye Fei, are mine now.”

Ye Fei wrapped his arms around him and laughed, “So if we invited your crush too, would the venue have to blow up?”

They even figured out where and how they would appear and the speeches they would say to each other. On that normal day, the two stumbled through practice with a smile on their faces.

Just waiting for the day when everything was okay.

When they fantasized about that scene, they thought that there was a later, that there was still time, that there was always a chance in the future. But not being able to catch that moment turned into a regret.

He suddenly thought it would be nice to take this picture, just as it was, him tying a knot. He and Ye Fei owed each other a proper picture. When he thought about it, Gu Ang didn’t find this chore torturous anymore. He had to cherish every second he spent with Ye Fei.

“Got it done. Doesn’t it look a lot better?” Ye Fei tucked his tie into his suit and didn’t move.

Gu Ang looked down, in a rare moment of not baring his fangs, “It’s tied better than when I do it.”

“Go out, everyone’s waiting.”

“Mn, okay.” The moment he brought the dressing room door closed, Gu Ang couldn’t help but look back at the mirrors again, like he wanted to freeze the second forever. Dressed in full formal attire, the two of them looked, indeed, matched and in tune.

This shooting location was makeshift and somewhat rudimentary compared to Red Flame’s first-class military facilities. The cameras were already in place on the set, with two backlights in the middle and a fill light up front, everything looked ready.

Gu Ang looked at the person behind the machine and wondered, “Lin XiuYong? Why is it you?”

Lin XiuYong pushed his flat glasses and calmly returned, “The school photographer couldn’t come today, and I was pulled over as a drudge.”

Gu Ang was speechless, this school couldn’t afford to hire an extra photographer with all that money they got every year? “Forget it, what’s the shot to be?”

Lin XiuYong stared at the two, smiling if nothing else, “Just come closer, stand casually while I capture a few shots.”

Gu Ang stood straight up next to Ye Fei with his hands in his pockets. The two men stood side by side like two trees, straight and tall.

Lin Xiuyong poked his head out from behind the machine, “It’s a little stiff. Gu Ang, your hair is sticking up.”

Gu Ang muttered, “Not even having a makeup artist, trash Red Flame.”

While spitting, he was about to reach up and press his hair down when another pair of hands did it for him. It was so swift, it must have been Ye Fei’s hand. Gu Ang’s heart caved in another piece, too flabby and tingly to withstand such thoughtful details.

Ye Fei meticulously brushed his hair out of his face, the few naughty strands tucked into the strands subdued, “Mn, it’s all right now.”

Gu Ang cleared his throat and took a long, sluggish moment to say thank you.

The two of them were doing all these little things, and Bai SiNing was watching with his face in his hands, getting high, so fucking high again. If he was a fan of the right CP, he could be stuffed with dog food every day.

The flash continued to come on for a while and then suddenly cut off.

Lin XiuYong poked his head out with another quizzical look, “At least grasp his shoulder? Go a bit side-by-side.”

Ye Fei nodded his head and put his right arm around Gu Ang’s shoulder in an intimate and natural way.

Gu Ang was a little unconsciously bashful. People call it shoulder hooking, so why are you putting your arm around me? He turned sideways and frowned, feeling like he’d fallen into a trap.

“Why do I feel so weird? Who takes promotional photos for their sporting events like this?”

Lin XiuYong adjusted the focus and pressed the shutter, “Don’t talk, I have to finish quickly, almost done.”

A few people were perfunctory and the photo process was quick.

Mostly, the two were good looking and could handle random photos.

Lin XiuYong rewound and looked at the film, “Pretty much done, I should be able to pick one.”

Gu Ang padded over to see, “You’re not too bad, you didn’t make me ugly.”

Lin XiuYong gave him a cold look, “It’s probably hard to take an ugly picture.”

“Can you send me the negatives then? To keep as a souvenir.” Gu Ang spoke in an awkward whisper. He and Ye Fei rarely took pictures, and the good times were just stuck in his head.

Lin XiuYong looked up at him, his eyes meaningfully teasing, “If you like it so much, you must’ve taken some pictures before.”

Gu Ang’s heart was pounding… before, how long ago was that? He felt that Lin XiuYong’s words carried some other meaning. He loosened the buttons of his suit and replied, “It’s not like we two knew each other before.”

Ye Fei overheard the conversation between the two and picked up, “Photos, send me a copy too.”

Bai SiNing, who was crouching on the sidelines, heard this and did a double take. 

Yes, the photos, you can’t keep them to yourself! You have to share them with the wailing members of the group. 

Several vibrations went off simultaneously in the empty studio, and everyone silently looked down at their comms.

Gu Ang sidled up to one and clicked on it, it was a group message from that CP fan support group on the forum.

The group leader, BaiBai, posted a few photos. The lighting was dim and one couldn’t quite make out the people’s expressions.

Just what was with Ye Fei holding a double ponytail? And by the looks of it, still in bed? Cheating photos? Wait, it wasn’t cheating then after he divorced. Did he really get someone else?

Gu Ang tightened his brow in annoyance, seeing the group leader post two more photos in quick succession.

One showed Twin Ponytail lying on Ye Fei and the other showed Ye Fei wrapped around Twin Ponytail’s waist. The lights were dim, and in the background were frilly quilts piled at the waist.

As ambiguous as it could be.

Ye Fei, who was undressing next to him, saw the screen and his fingertips paused. He kind of understood what kind of shit Bai SiNing was up to last night when he wouldn’t stop in the middle of the night. The man probably thought he had lived too long and wanted to die young.

Little White BaiBai: [Risking my life to give you all a shot of the benefits. Enjoy within the group, don’t pass it out!]

Interstellar Fierce A: [Who’s the ponytails?]

Little White BaiBai: [It’s Brother Ang!!!! Can’t you see it? Sure enough the lighting is still too dim, make do with what you see]

Luminous Girl: [Wow, I love it, groupie bully!!!!]

Lu ChangBai: [Good excitement, thanks to the group leader].

Yong: [Don’t post it…]

Interstellar Fierce A: [??????????]

Lin XiuYong put away the machine and put it aside, and looked at Gu Ang who had a ruthless look on his face. With a swift movement he pulled Bai SiNing, who was crouched on the edge of the couch, and threw the man into the dressing room, leaving the door unlocked.

Bai SiNing stomped and howled, “I’m still sending a message, why are you pulling me?”

Lin XiuYong covered his mouth, his voice clear and cold, “Don’t speak if you want to live.”

Bai SiNing whimpered and vocalized, words covered cleanly by those long, slender hands.

Gu Ang’s angry voice came from outside the door, “Bai SiNing, get the hell out of here!”


Author’s Note: 

Bai SiNing: Don’t you guys want pictures?

Ang: I don’t want this number, come out and blow your dog’s head off


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