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Chapter 8: It’s Really… Cheap.

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat

Assistant to the Regional Editor: KarateChopMonkey


In his pod, Xiong Pili had just come out from the game Void War, when he saw the message Bai Li sent him.

He politely thanked the other party, remembered the game’s name, Carefree Farmstead, and promptly forwarded it to Mo Zhu and Ji Yingqi, the two colleagues who went with him to Bai Li’s house to help install the gaming pod during the day.

After that, Xiong Pili couldn’t wait. He ran to the bathroom to wash his face with cold water, then excitedly lay down again in the gaming pod, ready to play the game that Bai Li had made. Since he trusted Bai Li, when he saw the introduction of “a relaxing farming game,” he just raised his eyebrows unexpectedly and skipped over it to find the registration portal.

“Yo ho, there are already more than 300 people here. It seems that Mr. Bai’s game is quite popular.” Xiong Pili muttered, and his hands moved faster, so he successfully grabbed the qualification to enter the game before it reached 500 people.

At the same time, his two good brothers also received the message, but when they followed the game name to find the game, they were told that the number of people already filled the quota, and that they could only register next time.

Mo Zhu, “?”

Ji Yingqi, “?”

After the shock, the two turned the tables on Xiong Pili.

“Old bear! Old bear, come out! Did you give us the wrong game name? How come there are no more spots now? I remember when a new game goes online, it usually takes two or three days to reach 500 people!” Mo Zhu stammered, and exclaimed that it was unbelievable.

This was still on the premise that the content of the game was similar to the major popular games. The Bai Li’s game was a farming game that they hadn’t even heard of, and normally no one would rush directly into it.

Ji Yingqi was rejected by the game qualification and passed the time by opening the chatterbox mode, [I couldn’t even sign in! The quota was snatched up so quickly! This Mr. Bai shouldn’t be a well-known game designer on StarNet, right? But how come I’ve never heard of a particularly powerful game designer named ‘Bai Li’ in previous competitions? It’s possible that even this name is an alias? No wonder Mr. Bai gave us such a comfortable feeling during the daytime, it turns out that he has a godly aura…By the way, Old Xiong you grabbed a place, have you played it yet? How good is it, tell me, ah…]

Xiong Pili, who was about to enter the game but was repeatedly harassed by the two, felt his fists getting hard. If it wasn’t for you two, I would’ve gone in and played already, okay? He hated that he was too slow to react and didn’t enter the game before the two men replied to his message.

He was so lucky to get a place in the game that he finally entered the game with the blessing of the two of them while gnashing his teeth. He was delayed for a few minutes, while Mo Song made his way into the game unhindered after a successful registration.

He expected to see a ragged, weirdly painted game world, but when he opened his eyes, he was actually startled a bit. His disdainful smile froze comically on his face.

Green in color, strange and yet somehow familiar green mood filled the entire space. There was a gentle breeze around the silent bushes. He didn’t know what the faint floral fragrance was, but he couldn’t help but close his eyes again, addicted to it.

This game…Mo Song thought to himself, It’s not quite what I thought it would be.

The birds overhead chirped. That successfully awakened his mind which was full of confusion and shock.

Opening his eyes again, he spotted other players in the game.

Hundreds of people were gathered in one place, lined up in a neat queue, and right in front of the queue stood a white-haired old man, who seemed to be an NPC in the game, kind and amiable, and was talking to the first person with a smile on his face. In less than half a minute’s work, the first person left the line, quickly heading off to weed, and disappeared.

Mo Song pondered if they received a mission and rushed to do it. He didn’t know what the quests in this game would be like.

And looking at that group of hundreds of people, his pupils shrunk. From a long distance, he could smell the scent of the same kind. These people…all of them were soldiers, and they were the regular army of the Empire. It was a pity that each one of them would have deliberately modified their appearance, so he couldn’t find anyone he knew among them.

Even though he entered the game with the idea of being a prick, he couldn’t help but praise the designer for the fun way the characters could change their faces.

In other games, you could only have your real look directly on the field, while in this game, there was a kind of freedom that came from putting on a vest and letting yourself go.

After he stood in place for nearly a minute, Mo Song slowly walked over and got to the end of the line. During the waiting process, he followed his previous habit and found the game store, and clicked it instinctively. And then…his pupils shook!

First charge pack, 10 star coins!

Lucky Magic Spring Water Pack, 30 star coins!

Small, Medium, and Large Fertilizer Combo Pack, 10 star coins, 50 star coins, 100 star coins!

Golden Tool Set, 888 star coins!

There was even a direct rebate of the Kryptonite Gift Package!

Mo Song felt that his previous perceptions had been greatly impacted.

It had to be noted that in his previous games, equipment started at 100 star coins, weapons started at 500 star coins and to upgrade a small item, it would take dozens and dozens of tries. There was no most expensive, only more expensive. Because of this, the good items obtained from fighting monsters could also be sold at a very high price. Mo Song was used to such a cycle.

The wait was long. He and the other players had long been accustomed to it, and also accepted that the mall items should be overly expensive. However, now, looking at the cheapest item worth 10 star coins in the item list, and then clicking on the item details to see what could be opened, Mo Song, who was used to seeing big waves, couldn’t help but draw a few breaths of cold air.

It was really…cheap.

His hands were faster than his brain. He didn’t even blink before choosing the Kryptonite Gift Package priced at 888 star coins. The next second, his game account was up to 988 diamond coins.

After a sound of coins colliding with each other that lasted only a moment, Mo Song froze for a few seconds and suddenly stomped his foot hard on the spot, his expression fierce and painful.

Ahhhhhhh! What the hell was he doing? He obviously only intended to come in for a look and then go out to hit his face, how…how did he somehow spend 888 star coins?! Although this money in his game live was at most the price of a weapon, and even though this money could buy most items in the Carefree Farmstead mall and still have left over, but! This was clearly not his intention, ah! This game was poisonous! Did it have a debuff that made people spend money unconsciously?

Mo Song was furious at the end of the queue, but he didn’t realize that his emotion wasn’t because he had spent a fortune in this game, but because his purpose of coming here was completely contrary to the current development.

Who would believe it?

Mo Song was depressed for a few minutes before he reluctantly regained his composure and looked up to find that the few people in front of him in line were looking back at him from time to time.

“Is something wrong?” Mo Song acted friendly because of his previous guesses.

The person closest to Mo Song didn’t look very old and had a very tender face. When he heard Mo Song ask this, he cheerfully scratched his head and asked directly, “Dude, did you buy that prize package in the mall? Did you gain anything good?”

A gift pack? The first charge of 10 star coins?

Mo Song clicked around without changing his face and soon a small red cloth bag appeared in his hand, “Is this it?”

“Mn, that’s it! Brother, quickly open it to see, maybe you’ll get something good!” The young man’s eyes were glowing and he couldn’t take his eyes off the festively colored bag.

Lin Xiaohu was one of the 300 soldiers that Tang Ying arranged to enter the game. Although he wasn’t very old, he was ranked quite high in the army because his beast type was a tiger, and his combat power was quite high. His Genetic Collapse Disorder had just turned from the early stage to the middle stage, so he started playing the virtual reality games on the advice of the military doctor, as he tried to vent his uncontrollable desire for destruction in the game. However, he found that the effect wasn’t as great as he thought it would be.

If his symptoms weren’t relieved, the only thing that awaited him was his discharge from the army. Even if he couldn’t let go of it, there was no way. Originally, Lin Xiaohu was about to give up the struggle, but that night he received an order. Those with Genetic Collapse Disorder needed to rapidly assemble, and enter a game called Carefree Farmstead.

For the virtual reality games, he actually no longer held much hope. Before he entered the game, he only went with the attitude of completing the task. However, after he entered, everything in the game wasn’t quite the same as he had expected. In short, it was a particularly easy, relaxing game, especially after he found the game store… 

Looking at the small red bag in Mo Song’s hand, Lin Xiaohu couldn’t help but grab that bag from the other party’s hand and help unwrap it.

Ahhhhh, I really want to know if the golden hoe can be obtained from this bag!

It was just a pity that most of the first-charge packs or items in the mall were bound after purchase and could only be opened by the owner.

Under Lin Xiaohu’s burning eyes, Mo Song almost thought that what he was holding was actually a super precious item, the only valuable item in the whole service. But this was obviously only 10 star coins, so why was he so excited?

Seeing that Mo Song didn’t take the next step, Lin Xiaohu gulped nervously and urged, “Man, quickly open it to see, me and my…friends have bought it, and there are good things inside.”

At that time, a large wave of people opened their gift bags one by one, in the midst of the rising and falling sighs, only two gave surprised cheers, which caused a large swath of envious and jealous eyes.

Lin Xiaohu only opened an ordinary hoe, but that didn’t stop him from watching the others open their gift packs with great interest. It was hard to wait for a newcomer to open the gift bag, so he couldn’t let go of this opportunity.

Mo Song was looking at this “wolf like tiger” and couldn’t help but have an inexplicable expectation. Maybe he would be the legendary Chosen One and get a rare goodie from the gift bag?

With this in mind, Mo Song took a deep breath and quickly unwrapped the gift bag.

A golden light flashed, and the familiar world announcement appeared once again.

[Congratulations to player “Song’s Blunt Opinion”, who opened the rare item: Golden Hoe (permanent) through the first charge gift pack!]

Whether they were talking to NPCs, queuing up, or secretly listening to the chatter near them, they all looked over. The envy and jealousy in their eyes almost turned into substance, binding Mo Song firmly. Among them, there were two people who had relaxed and happy eyes, and they were smiling towards Mo Song.

Mo Song: “…”

This feeling…this feeling of being in the limelight, it was so damn good! He had never been looked at like this before when he bought any good equipment!

Throughout the night, Mo Song remained in a dizzy and happy state, following the 300 people who came in first.

After receiving the task, they chose a piece of land together, were assigned their respective task points, held either ordinary or rare hoes, then feverishly dug. After having dug for a full three hours, the weeds and their roots from their soil were all dug out, and the cleaned out weeds were piled up to a person’s height, like a small mountain. This caused the whole piece of ground to sink nearly three meters, becoming a huge incomparable hole.

The less than two hundred people who came in after Mo Song, because they did everything so much later than them, subconsciously thought that the “old players” did the right thing. So they chose a slightly smaller piece of land next door to them, and dug out a hole of the same type, following the same pattern.

When the two pits were finished, all the players were smiling with satisfaction. They were so good, they could finish the job perfectly!

Mo Song was digging grass with great enthusiasm, but just then, the three hundred new friends he met came to say goodbye to him.

“We’re going to get off first, we’ll get back online when we’ve done what we need to do, Brother Face, let’s play together again sometime.” Lin Xiaohu came as a representative to explain the situation to Mo Song. They had come with a mission to play the game, but now they were too far beyond the two hours they had agreed beforehand.

Mo Song naturally didn’t stop, just waved his hand and watched the large group of people disappear, and afterwards also went to look at the time.

Wait, he had actually been playing for more than four hours?

That said, what was he planning to do before he came in? In any case…forget it, this game was fun!

Mo Song, who was so engrossed in digging out weeds, had forgotten that there was a large group of people in the forum waiting for his “victory” to return.

Bai Li, who had long gone to sleep, didn’t know that the Interstellar people had left him a big surprise in the game world he had created.

If he saw it, he probably couldn’t help but say: Well done!


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