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Chapter 37: It’s Like a Wedding Toast

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey, (⌐■_■)


Bai SiNing’s eyes widened, still not realizing what the situation was. He was strangled into his arms with his back held, his head was pinned down and half tilted at the position of Lin XiuYong’s neck, he couldn’t even take a big breath, he felt like he was about to suffocate, it was unbearable.

This man looked thin and tall, but he was so strong. He pointed to his gagged mouth, gesturing for Lin XiuYong to let go.

Outside Gu Ang was still yelling for him, and it felt like that anger was spreading along the ground.

Lin XiuYong lowered his voice and pressed his fingers to his soft cheek, “If you don’t make any noise, I’ll let go.”

Bai SiNing blinked a pair of innocent and penetrating deer eyes, nodded frantically, and Lin XiuYong took off his hand.

Bai SiNing rubbed his chest to catch his breath, “No, why is A’ang angry?”

“That group of yours, he’s in there.” Lin XiuYong removed his glasses and pinched his brow, “Quickly withdraw the picture.”

Lu ChangBai was also in the group, and he didn’t want to make a scene.

Bai SiNing was confused, “What? A’ang is there, which one is he?”

“Interstellar Fierce A.” Seeing the man grumble, Lin XiuYong simply took the communicator in his hand and began to operate it.

The last two were still within the time limit and were quickly withdrawn, the first one was out of time and the withdrawal function was disabled. He did have the technology to hack in and delete it, but after so many minutes, there was little point in saving what should have been saved.

Lin XiuYong thought about it and tossed the communicator back into Bai SiNing’s hands.

Bai SiNing was shocked and stammered back, “Inter-interstellar Fierce A is anon, how come he gave himself a vote?”

Oh my God, I’m glad I hid in time. I posted the pictures right in front of him, that little tantrum will not break me into pieces, right?

Lin XiuYong shrugged, “Who knows? Maybe he was curious.”

Bai SiNing looked down at the screen, “Ah, it can’t be withdrawn.”

“Are you pig-headed? This kind of stuff isn’t to be posted indiscriminately.” Lin XiuYong put away his usual aloofness, looking speechless and helpless.

“I thought the group was small and everyone was waiting for welfare support. What if they dropped out?” Bai SiNing muttered, “Then why did you vote? You don’t look like a CP fan now, do you?”

Lin Xiuyong smiled wryly, “I’m a CP fan.”

Bai SiNing’s nervous expression showed a light smile as he hammered him in the chest, “Great minds think alike.”

Just as the words left his mouth, a violent knock came from the door, “Bai SiNing, I know you’re in there! Get out here!”

Bai SiNing, who was just relieved, sweated in fear and rushed to hide behind Lin XiuYong. He thought about that steel fist of Gu Ang, and knew to wimp at that moment. “You have to save me.”

Lin XiuYong thought it funny, “Why should I save you?”

Bai SiNing stirred things up, “You dragged me in, so we’re in cahoots, a gang! If you don’t agree to help me, I’ll say we planned this thing together, no one can get away with it. Big deal, we’ll just get beaten up together.”

Lin XiuYong wrapped his arms around him, “You’re finally using your brain now, I thought your head was a dunking bag.”

Bai SiNing was unable to fight back from the dislike, pulling on the person’s sleeve to soften his tone, “Xiao Lin, please.”

“Xiao?” Lin XiuYong raised an eyebrow.

“No, I said it wrong.” Bai SiNing waved his hands in panic and gritted his teeth and gave in, “Dad, please.”

Lin XiuYong: “…” Bai SiNing, this shameless little thing, really called him ‘Dad’. He turned around the locker room, still flat on the floor, with the window behind it leading in the direction of the training ground. “Go out through here.”

Bai SiNing moved over, somewhat sheepishly, “It’s not good for me to leave this mess to you, is it?”

Lin XiuYong regained his coolness, “You have three seconds, if you don’t leave I don’t care about you.”

“Leaving, I’m leaving now. I owe you one, I’ll buy you dinner next time.” Bai SiNing said as he quickly flipped over the window sill and ran away.

The skillful flipping over the window showed the crispness of a military cadet. Lin XiuYong wiped his palm, which still had the residual warmth of the touch on his cheek. He snickered darkly, “Who cares about your meal.”

Gu Ang’s knocking didn’t stop, and it was getting so violent, it felt like the door panel was about to shatter. He straightened his Bai SiNing-wrinkled clothes and put his glasses back on, before opening the door slowly.

Gu Ang braced himself against the door frame with a mouthful of anger, “Where’s Bai SiNing? Did he run away?”

“Mn, flipped out the window and left.” Lin XiuYong pointed to the wide open window, “Counting the time, he should have run far away.”

Gu Ang was half pissed, “I’ll catch that little brat and hammer him to death.”

Lin XiuYong spoke slowly, “What are you angry about?”

“You’re still pretending, you can pretend.” Gu Ang simply stopped his roaring and blew his cover, “Didn’t you see it all in that group?”

Lin XiuYong coldly grimaced and didn’t hold back his laughter, “Double ponytail, ah, quite cute.”

“Cute my ass.” Not finding anyone, Gu Ang loosened his tie and walked back into the studio to see Ye Fei still standing in the same place.

Ye Fei looked at the panting man, amused and worried.

There was something inexplicably contrarian about such a facetiously cool teenager being forced to wear a double ponytail. The back alone, held gently in his large hands, looked quite thin at the waist. It was as if with one push, he could leave ambiguous fingerprints on it with abandon.

The first second he saw that picture, he even wanted to add this weird py to his compound package later. But the next second, he saw Lu ChangBai’s reply.

This time, this person was very sure that Gu Ang and his relationship was unusual, the past two days he was silent, and it felt like the calm before the storm. He looked at Gu Ang, who was spinning around in exasperation, and pulled the man by the collar, “You’re making me dizzy, what’s wrong?”

Gu Ang was furious at the mention, “Bai SiNing took pictures of us both posing us as toys last night and posting the pictures everywhere.”

Ye Fei hooked the corners of her mouth, “What photos? How did you pose for it? Let me see.”

Gu Ang froze, his mind flashing back to the pictures, filled with twin ponytails and messy sheets.

He deflated, “Forget it, I don’t want to show you.”

Evidence of that shame was best destroyed immediately. If Ye Fei had seen this, he would have laughed at him for three years.

Ye Fei wasn’t mad, he’d read it anyway and kept a copy handy.

Now that this fuse had been lit, he could only wait and see what happened. He stared at the person whose cheeks were red with anger and couldn’t resist reaching out to touch them, “Why are you so angry?”

Gu Ang blurted out the whole thing, “Just that CP fan back up club we both have.”

Ye Fei cocked his head at him, “Our CP support club? You have a crush on me, huh?”

Gu Ang pushed him away and strutted out the door, “Crush, my ass.”

Ye Fei didn’t bother to change, hanging his suit jacket on his wrist and slowly following Gu Ang out the door, “Where are you going?”

“There’s a class later, I’ll go to the classroom and squat.” Gu Ang gritted his teeth, “I don’t believe Bai SiNing would dare to skip class as well.”

Gu Ang was as tough as Ye Fei had ever seen him, as tough as he was when he was chasing him. He could dig someone up if he targeted them and tried to catch them. Bai SiNing, this time, had really touched the tiger’s ass hard.

The two men made their way slowly back to class, and upon entering they were rewarded with a roar. They were already eye-catchers, and this time, they were wearing a pair of suits that were completely different from everyone’s school uniform, and looked really eye-catching.

Gu Ang scanned the gossipy faces, feeling like the two of them were toasting at a wedding reception, and that the guests who came to joke about it were good people.

“Holy shit, the two schoolboys are coming out of the closet, huh? Having such good looks.”

“How come some people can be good looking and handsome and still have so much mental strength in combat? There’s’ no God.”

“I’m an Alpha who looks a little bit titillated, so fucking handsome.”

“Take a picture to show my sister, she’s a huge fan of these two.”

The classroom was in an uproar, and Gu Ang returned to his seat with a flurry of stares, his anger still intact. He waited for Bai SiNing with his foot on the railing, his knuckles moving and snapping. To the casual observer, his face was fierce, his movements ruthless, an aura of a mountain bully.

Just for a moment, before the official announcement of their promotional photos, various sneak peeks were already going around and buzzing.

Before classes even started, students from the next class began to come peeking through the door one by one. The Omegas were now bold enough to stand squarely in front of classrooms and take pictures of people with their cameras.

Part Ye Fei fans, part Gu Ang fans crowded to the hilt. Gu Ang glanced back at Ye Fei, the man’s face was expressionless as he looked down at the electronic screen, unconcerned.

True to form, the man who grew up being watched was, in a word, titanic. He dropped his eyes and glanced at the comms again, Bai SiNing had the audacity to show up in the group.

The Luminous CP support chat was scrolling rapidly.

Little White BaiBai: [Please guys, please don’t spread the pictures! A’Ang already knows, I’m going to die soon!]

Lu ChangBai: [The photos are interesting, I’ve saved a backup.]

Little White BaiBai: [Brother, enjoy it alone, don’t send it to anyone else, please.]

Luminous Girl: [Get it, get it, groupies work hard! Risking her life to share the benefits.]

Just getting high and done: [Groupies stay safe, hope we don’t hear about you being assassinated.]

Interstellar Fierce A: [Probably not an assassination, but a slow torture death].

Gu Ang gritted his teeth as he typed this and saw Wang Chuang at the door struggling to pluck his way through the crowd and into the classroom.

“Why is it like a food market, what’s all the noise? Class is in session.”

Wang YeZhu teased back, “Teacher, they’re all here to see the dudes.”

Wang Chuang looked at the two men who stood out among the crowd and his mind was clear, “There’s a promotional photo for the sports day tomorrow, so you’ll be able to see that photo then… All you off-campus students, if you keep running to Red Flame like that, you won’t be allowed in here anymore.”

“It’s no fun.”

“Break it up, break it up, come back tomorrow for the Games.”

“The Games can appreciate my God Ye’s face, happy.”

“I won’t see you all tomorrow.”


Wang Chuang watched the doorway finally clear up a bit, and was about to continue speaking when another figure suddenly ventured in.

Bai SiNing bent down and gasped, “Sorry teacher, I’m late.”

Wang Chuang frowned, “Come on in, why is someone late every day?”

Bai SiNing rolled his eyes, saw the extremely cold-faced Gu Ang, and carefully padded around him to return to his seat. Luckily he was smart enough to come to class. What could Gu Ang do to him? He can’t hammer him in front of all these people, right? Bai SiNing breathed a sigh of relief and was about to open his book bag when his elbow was secured by a large hand, followed by a hard twist.

He clenched his teeth to keep from howling. He didn’t dare to turn around and carefully showed his weakness, “Brother Ang, I was wrong, I was really wrong.”

Gu Ang narrowed his eyes and his voice was cold, “What did you do wrong?”

“I shouldn’t have tied a double ponytail bow for you, I was actually going to tie it for God Ye at first.” Bai SiNing grimaced, “But his face is too manly, it really didn’t fit, it was especially awkward.”

Gu Ang’s face got even colder, “And it fit me?”

Bai SiNing thought to himself, It fit, doesn’t everyone think it looks good? But with life and death at stake, he didn’t dare to say that, “No, no, no, it doesn’t suit you either, I took the liberty.”

Gu Ang was extremely patient, and with Wang Chuang on stage still talking about the rules of the Games, he continued to detail the incriminating evidence, “And, why did you send it to the group?”

Bai SiNing deflated, “It was a nice shot, I wanted to share it with everyone.”

The words were followed by another hard twist to the arm, a thief’s blow and a snap of bone. Bai SiNing suspected he was twisted to the point of fracture. This time, he didn’t hold back and howled out in pain, his harsh screams echoing through the quiet classroom.

A pen was thrown over and landed on the table with a crunching clunk.

Wang Chuang knocked on the blackboard, “I’ve been watching you two for a long time. What are you muttering about like there are no classroom rules?”

Bai SiNing didn’t know where the bear got the nerve to say, “Teacher, I demand to change my seat!”

The class stared over in unison, each with interest.

Who didn’t know that Bai SiNing was Gu Ang’s sidekick, how come he suddenly fell apart?

Wang Chuang tapped his book on the table, “Why are you changing seats in the middle of class? Didn’t you have a good seat before?”

Bai SiNing didn’t dare look at the murderous stares being passed next to him and said warily, “No, the more I listened to everyone being active in the Games, the more I felt guilty.” He rubbed his sore arm, “I don’t deserve to be Gu Ang’s classmate’s desk when he’s such a good talent. I’m too much of a rookie, I’ll request for a better table mate for him.”

Wang Chuang: “So who do you think is a better fit?”

Bai SiNing visibly shrank, “Ye Fei.”

Wang Chuang raised his eyes and asked, “What does Ye Fei think?”

Gu Ang didn’t turn around and heard Ye Fei’s nice voice coming from the direction of the last row, “Yes, that’s fine with me.”

“But for this class, Bai SiNing should finally feel the joy of sitting with the excellent Gu Ang.”


Author’s Note: 

What can’t you do when you’re going to be at the same table and sitting in the last row?


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