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Chapter 9: Overnight Riches

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat

Assistant to the Regional Editor: KarateChopMonkey


The E class virtual reality game builder, in addition to 75% realism and a maximum of five hundred players, had another major drawback, it could only support players being online for 6 hours, and then needed to cool for 6 hours. So in a single day, players could only play 12 hours at most. Beyond that time, players had to wait for the next day.

The players had spent most of the night “perfectly achieving” the first task, and were comfortable in a variety of postures as they lay on the grass by the creek to rest. Then there were wailing sounds from the crowd.

“Nuuu! The game reminded me that I have five minutes to go before I reach six hours, urging me to get offline! But I haven’t had enough lying around!”

“I thought I’d only been playing for three hours at most. I really don’t want to go offline…”

“Shit, is the game designer for real? Can’t they spend some money to buy a more expensive builder? Buy a D-class one! A D-class will have no time limit! Now it’s not good! We can’t play!”

“A D-class is five thousand. The designer should have enough money, right? If not, then I have to buy more items in the mall, and try to make him save enough money to buy a D-class soon!” As the words of the old man who said this fell, he rushed into the game mall, and thumped down three Kryptonite packs of the most expensive kind.

His words reminded others around him, and they immediately followed to buy Kryptonite packs, and, wanting to spend some money to encourage the designer, also bought some fertilizer, and magical spring water kits.

…Even if they did not know exactly what these items did. What the heck, the designer would receive money…

If the above idea was heard by the designers of other games, 80% would cry in pain and say how come they couldn’t meet such a god boss!

Some people even remembered the paid decals on the character creation screen and thought that they would have to arrange them for the next launch, and while waiting for the launch, they could think hard about where to put them all.

When the time came, they must be the prettiest in the crowd!

Mo Song was also still in the game. He listened to the words of the players who had joined the game because of his posting and truly thought about Bai Li. He also silently bought Kryptonite. The number of diamonds in his account immediately broke a thousand. When he heard the system alert earlier, he was disappointed for a short while, but that was soon replaced by anticipation. As long as he stayed in reality for 6 hours, he would be able to continue playing the game again!

However, in the meantime…

Mo Song’s face spasmed, and a conspicuous blush appeared on his cheeks, even as he went out to apologize to the designer of the game, and by the way, to promote this treasure game to everyone!

Although it took so long to do the first task in the game, and it seemed that nothing had been done, the players’ moods were inexplicably happy.

Five minutes passed and the wailing started again. The voice of the players, who didn’t know how to get the equipment in good condition, was especially loud.

Even though everyone couldn’t let go, once the time was up, the people in the game were forced offline one by one. Soon, the lush green space became calm again.

Standing at the entrance of the village, the old NPC village chief, looking at a large and small deep pits in the distance, smiled reluctantly.



Bai Li was woken up by a squeezing sensation on his cheek.

The fleshy paw pads were light pink, and they unconsciously pushed forward – that was, in the direction of his cheek, while the owner of the paw pads as he leaned on all fours, was sleeping soundly, as if he’d gone completely without the previous night’s sleep; innocent.

With a silent sigh, Bai Li gently righted Supreme’s sleeping position. He wanted to get up from the bed, but decided to check the data of Carefree Farmstead from the previous night. The builder was already bound to the optical computer on his wrist, so he could check the game’s data without lying down in the gaming pod.

Bai Li was most concerned about the purchase volume of each product in the game store, so he found the page and clicked directly into the details page. And then…his eyes snapped open, and his brain instantly cleared up.

10 star coins for the first gift package, the purchase volume of 500 copies, which meant that all the players who entered the game purchased. Three sizes of Kryptonite gift pack from large to small were purchased 64, 346, 521 copies. The slightly cheaper Fertilizer Combo Pack, Lucky Magic Spring Water Pack, and Golden Tool Set, were also bought at a hundred respectively, while the character decals and change of face, probably because the players did not think of using it for a while, instead sold the smallest number.

All that added up to a total of 452,799 star coins. Even if he deducted the 30%, Bai Li had got nearly 320,000 stars.

It was not too much to say that it was an overnight windfall.

Bai Li’s eyes were glued to the string of numbers on the virtual panel, trying to see if there was a decimal point. Otherwise why did the game he made with his own hands earn him so much money in just one night?

Just, it was quite magical.

He suspected he was still dreaming.

With his eyes empty and lying flat on his back for a few seconds, Bai Li redirected his eyes. Okay, the numbers hadn’t changed, so he wasn’t dreaming.

After discovering that overnight wealth was real. Bai – poor – Li showed a smile of relief. It was so much money. He now had a lot of money on hand.

Although there was still a big gap between this money and the minimum ten billion he needed to buy the agricultural planet, Bai Li’s confidence was greater than yesterday. He believed that one day, he could become a man who owned an entire agricultural planet.

By then, all the land on the planet would be his to grow. Just thinking of it made him feel super great!

Bai Li was thinking of a bright future when he received a message from Xiong Pili.

Xiong Pili was also one of those who dug weeds all night. After coming out of the game, he not only didn’t feel physically tired and mentally cranky, he also felt refreshed; as if he had returned from a 300-round battle with the Zerg. The feeling of satisfaction was something he hadn’t experienced in a long, long time, and he lay in the gaming pod until the feeling had completely subsided. Only then did he reluctantly come out.

When he came out, he was excited by the cool morning air and quickly remembered the game designer who had told him the name of the game, so he rushed to Bai Li to “confess” madly.

It seemed that the players were very enthusiastic about the game, not at all as resistant as they saw in the post yesterday. To think only a night has passed, the game should be greatly changed inside, and Bai Li did not know if he and Demon Xing’s small huts had new neighbors?

According to the rules, the designer of the virtual reality game could only withdraw the profits from the game once at the end of each month, and it was only the middle of the month. Therefore, even if Bai Li wanted to buy like crazy, he could only spend the remaining half of the month with 666 star coins.

The problem of brunch was solved with the stock in his space. This time Bai Li chose the mediocre rice with scrambled eggs and tomatoes. When the rice was heated up, the sweet and sour taste of the tomatoes and the unique aroma of the eggs came out. Supreme, who had been quietly staying in Bai Li’s arms, suddenly screamed, “Mimi! Mimi! Mimi!” with a pretty excited look.

“Supreme, are you hungry?” One hand was holding the cat and one hand was bringing the food to the table. Thinking that the eggs were not as good as the sweet and sour pork from the other day, and that a little bit should be fine, Bai Li tentatively used another spoon to scoop up a small spoonful of soft and tender eggs and brought it to Supreme’s mouth.

Supreme, who had watched the human’s action with his own eyes, opened his cat’s mouth and took a bite almost as soon as the spoon was delivered. Just one bite, and the cat’s brilliant golden eyes suddenly widened. Round, cute and confused, as if his whole soul had floated out.

This…this taste, seemed to be not quite the same as he had expected, but, but really delicious, ah! These thoughts only appeared in the cat’s head for a few seconds, and soon his taste buds were stimulated again, and he returned to that dumbfounded state.

Bai Li looked amused, gave a soft laugh, took back the empty spoon and put it aside. While Supreme was still befuddled from the delicious storm, he lowered his head and took several bites in a row.

His movements looked fast, though not at all rude, instead they had an elegant meaning to them. However, his speed really was fast, so that when Supreme finally smashed his cat’s mouth to look at the plate again, he found that the plate of red and yellow deliciousness actually had only a little bit left!

“Miaow! Miaow!” The greedy little cat was instantly anxious, and quickly ran over to lie on the edge of the plate, eyes dripping as he looked at the plate, then looked at Bai Li with a very sad look.

Human! Human! Give me a few more bites!

Bai Li couldn’t stand it when cubs showed such expressions, so he gave the rest of the meal to Supreme. As for the warm goat’s milk that Supreme liked to drink a few days ago, it was directly knocked into the cold by that new, picky kitty.


While one person and one cat were enjoying themselves, Mo Song also solemnly opened a separate post, ready to properly promote Carefree Farmstead, the game of the gods.

However, things didn’t go quite as he had expected. The first comment that popped up was to ask him if he had received money from the game’s designer, and was going to cheat a wave of players into the slaughter.

When he saw this reply, the first reaction in Mo Song’s mind was, No, no, no, he didn’t want to take money from the designer, but wanted to give more money to the other party. At least let the other upgrade the game builder. There was six hours of waiting, but really…The seconds were like years!


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A game of hard but mentally relaxing work outdoors that will lead to producing crops and a feeling of fulfilment, to sooth their over-excess energy, instead of fighting, aggression and killing. Makes sense.
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