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Chapter 38: Omega, Can I Help You?

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey, heyoooo~


Bai SiNing sat down with a sad face, his plan going up in flames. It was too torturous to spend a class shoulder to shoulder with Gu Ang. He took the initiative, “Brother Ang, if you think about it, it’s because I love you guys that I did such a stupid and out of character thing. It’s all my fault, from now on I’ll be sensible and get a little closer to your public life and a little further away from your private life.”

Gu Ang didn’t care about him, “Let’s fight.”

“I can’t beat you.” Bai SiNing whispered, “I still haven’t recovered from that kick you gave me yesterday.”

Gu Ang grinded his teeth, “If you do something wrong, you have to suffer the consequences. You choose, pick me or Ye Fei to fight alone.”

“Can we keep score? I’m sure I’ll get killed now, give me six months and we’ll come back for a one-on-one fight.” Bai SiNing’s eyes twinkled and made a move to slow down the fight.

Gu Ang poured cold water over it, “No, today is the day.”

Bai SiNing suggested, “Look, the sports day is tomorrow, in case I’m missing an arm or a leg, it will affect the image of the class. Maybe I’ll have to play in the Games, right? After the sports meeting, you can play as much as you want.”

Gu Ang with a sneer, “Okay. Now pay some deposit up front.”

“…What deposit—” Before Bai SiNing could finish his sentence, he felt another violent twist on his arm, exactly where it had just been, adding to the pain. Tears were about to spurt out of his eyes and he had to hold them back.

It was so hard to be a CP fan these days, so hard. It was the sugar that was high on thorns that was doubly precious.

Lin XiuYong sent him a private forum message: [Dead?]

Little White BaiBai: [(crying out) (crying out) (crying out) (crying out) Barely stayed alive for a few days.]

Lin XiuYong: [Alive, already good.]

Gu Ang was really kind of pissed off that he and Ye Fei were already in an unclear relationship, and now with all this drama, it seemed like there was really something going on. So far, despite the growing suspicion, Ye Fei never admitted to the rebirth, and everything remained uncertain.

Bai SiNing was embarrassed to have this relationship singled out and put in front of everyone. The only thankful thing was that Ye Fei didn’t see the photo.

Gu Ang finished the class in a daze before he remembered to change his desk. He put his things away in his book bag and walked over to Ye Fei’s spot with a big grin.

The place was up against the window, with a few clusters of blooming flowers next to it, and looked like it was cut off from the classroom. At this moment there was a patch of sunlight spilling through the window, falling right on the side of Ye Fei’s face.

Gu Ang pulled out his stool uncomfortably, “Hello, new table mate.”

Ye Fei looked up at him, thinking it was quite amazing.

The last life the two had not been together properly until graduation, and memories of being on campus together were almost nil.

This rebirth was rather like making up for the lack of it. He helped the person stuff his book bag into his desk pocket and reminded him to get his books, “Next class is war strategy.”

Gu Ang hmmed, flipping the book over casually to stand on the table to play with it, inexplicably finding a new world. Class S was small, the last row was empty left and right, and Ye Fei used to look a little lonely when he sat alone.

When the textbooks stood, it was like they were cut off from the world. If they were hiding in the back and doing something, no one would probably notice.

Gu Ang propped up on his forehead with his hand, wondering what to do. Whispering, holding hands, or… Kissing? Fuck! Gu Ang blushed with shame at his own thoughts, then noticed a touch on the palm of his hand.

Gu Ang looked down and saw Ye Fei passing under the table and reached out, slipping a bottle of milk into his hand.

The teacher on the stage had come in to start the lesson, and Ye Fei’s voice was soft, “You haven’t eaten breakfast, so have some padding.”

When did he buy the milk? This guy is really inexplicably sweet. Gu Ang froze and nodded, “Okay.”

He put in the straw and buried himself while he took a couple of sips, setting the milk back on the table. Across the line of desks, next to Ye Fei’s was a bottle of the same stuff on his desk, laid out like one of those high school classes with early but secret love interests.

Secretly buying the same of everything.

Gu Ang moved his legs nervously, realizing that their distance was just too close, and if he moved a little more he would touch Ye Fei.

It was torment for him to be at the same table like this. He stood the book up and plopped it down on the table, “Call me after class, I’ll take a nap.”

The sound of the lecture faded in his ears and Gu Ang had a somewhat realistic dream. He dreamed it was also during class, while Ye Fei gently pinched his earlobe and played with it as if it was a toy. Those fingertips teased the small piece of soft flesh, tweaking it back and forth. Thin calloused fingers gently crushed over his ears, touching him almost hard.

There was a tingle in his ears and a rush of heat.

“Class is over.”

Gu Ang woke up from his dream, but it didn’t seem to be a dream. He rubbed his burning ears and snapped back to attention, throwing his book bag on his back and immediately sprinting out the door.

Was it a dream, or was it real? He had no way of knowing. There was a pause in his footsteps, and he glanced back at Ye Fei, mouthing at him, “Coming?”

Ye Fei nodded and finished packing up his things, walking towards him.

As they walked side by side in the direction of the dormitory, Gu Ang suddenly remembered about the Undifferentiated Combat Games again, and he had to check with the doctor again about his current health condition. It wouldn’t be good if there was an accident in public.

Gu Ang paused, “Go back first, I suddenly remembered something.”

“What’s wrong?” Ye Fei stopped in his tracks as well, seeing his stony face.

Gu Ang shook his head, “I’ll go by myself, it’s okay.”

He said goodbye to Ye Fei and turned left and right again to make sure people weren’t following him before sneaking into the school hospital. When Doctor Zhang saw that it was a familiar face, he casually opened the door for him and invited the person to sit down, “It’s been a while, how have you been feeling?”

Gu Ang rubbed his palms together, a little apprehensively, “Nothing wrong with that test. Can I do it again?”

Doctor Zhang gave him a look of suspicion, “Didn’t you already accept the results?”

Gu Ang: “Didn’t you say before that there was a possibility of changing back? I’ve been fighting people lately and I feel like both my strength and speed have increased, which isn’t like how an Omega would behave.”

“If you’re not sure, go register at the door and get your blood drawn again, and I’ll take a look at it for you.”

“Okay, thanks Doc.” Gu Ang was given two harsh tubes of blood and went for a film, and was not spared anywhere on his body. He thought to himself that he would take another test and if he was still Omega, he would just drop dead. The wait for the results was a bit long, and Gu Ang sat bored on the couch, sipping bitter tea sip after sip.

By the time the nurse came in with the report form, it was close to closing time.

Doctor Zhang glanced at the report, “Why are you getting more and more Alpha hormones in your body?”

The Alpha hormones in the labs were almost on par with the Omega ones.

Maybe Gu Ang would really be a medical miracle and someone who somehow differentiated into an Omega could really change back?

“I don’t know, I’ve probably been punching people harder lately.” Gu Ang cupped his fingertips around his steaming cup of tea and took another sip before saying, “So the test came out, or…”

Doctor Zhang nodded, “It’s still Omega for now, even if you keep this second gender, your reproductive cavity is less fully developed and it’s unlikely you’ll be able to conceive a child in the future.”

Gu Ang almost spat out a mouthful of water, “Con-conceive?”

“Yeah, that’s how Omegas function reproductively, but it looks like there’s little for you to worry about.”

Gu Ang was in a mess. He started out thinking that turning into an Omega was just some prejudice from outsiders besides being physically more delicate. He couldn’t believe he forgot that there was this whole pregnancy thing.

“Doctor, I think it’s better to try to raise the Alpha hormone to change back, I can’t afford this eventuality.” Gu Ang grimaced, “Your hospital needs to develop some drugs for patients like me and cure me.”

Doctor Zhang’s hand spread out, “I really can’t do anything about that, it all depends on metaphysics.”

Gu Ang was half pissed off, “You’re talking metaphysics to me after all these years of medical school? Forget it, I’m out of here.”

“At tomorrow’s Red Flame Games, it’s an Alpha galore, remember to spray inhibitors.” The doctor kindly reminded him.

Gu Ang waved his hand to indicate that he heard him. Inhibitors? He bought them long ago, just in case.

It was a strange thing about Red Flame’s big event, the event hadn’t even started and it started to drizzle again. The entire school stood in the playground drenched in rain with despair in their hearts. The Undifferentiated Combat Games was considered an important event for Red Flame each year, and in addition to the full live broadcast, people from outside schools could buy tickets to get in and watch.

At one point before the Red Flame Games began, ticket prices were speculated to have doubled six times. Of course, most of the people who came were there for the hot guys at the games, except for the fans who really love the military.

As a result, many Red Flame students sprayed hairspray and dressed up in a sophisticated way just to show off their handsome side and win priority for dating. But the rain ruined everything. Each one was drenched. There was no such thing as handsomeness, only wretchedness.

Principal Zhong Zhan was still rambling on stage explaining the rules and importance of the tournament, and the stage was already getting a little impatient. A long hour passed and the Red Flame Undifferentiated Combat Games were finally underway.

The match was broadcast live on Radio Royal, thus highlighting the power of the new generation of the Empire. This represented the first battle of the opening, and it pulled the atmosphere of the audience across the Empire right up to the top. A huge light screen of over three hundred meters horizontally and vertically was projected over the entire academy for everyone’s live viewing.

As the screen shakes, a man in a suit appeared on the light screen with a microphone in his hand.

“Welcome to this annual Empire extravaganza for all of you in the audience and for those of you off-screen! I’m the host of this one, Scattered. Without further ado, let’s get right to the details of the rules for this world-renowned first battle!”

As he spoke, the light screen image switched, and three large words in bright red were introduced directly to everyone’s eyes.

[Hundred Machines Hunting]

One hundred of the most battle-hardened knights of the Imperial Reserve Order, forming a hundred-strong mecha square, round up 48 selected representatives from every class of every grade at Red Flame Military Academy.

There are three participants from each class.

The final winning class was calculated by points.

1 point for each person who survived 10 seconds.

10 points for each person who survived 1 minute.

100 points for each person who survived 5 minutes.

Destruction of mecha, 1000 points per unit.

As the host read out the rules line by line on the huge light screen, not only the scene, but even the citizens of the entire Empire watching the match via live stream screamed along wildly.

Flesh and blood versus a torrent of steel has never been the most eye-catching item. Not to mention that these flesh and blood are from the Empire’s #1 ranked military school, Red Flame Military Academy! The hot-blooded audience wants to see the strongest group of people in the Empire this generation hammering mecha with their bare hands.

The excited Omegas on the other hand wanted to see young handsome Alphas swaggering with abandon.

“Then, please ask your classroom teachers to select their contestants and then gather at the podium.”

After the rules were read, the host made an inviting gesture. First year Class S, Wang Chuang stood up from the floor and looked at the crowd in the class, “Now what, does anyone want to volunteer?”

After all, it was a project that was selected to go up and be chased and hammered, and Wang Chuang wasn’t good enough to pick someone up right off the bat.

Flesh vs mecha, that was cannon fodder sent up for abuse. There was a moment’s silence below, and then a shout was heard.

“I recommend the Luminous Combo!!! Ye Fei, Gu Ang, go for it!”

Gu Ang: “???”

Ye Fei: “……” 

Was the punishment for Bai SiNing not scheduled yesterday? Or did this guy know he was going to get hammered after the Games and just did it all at once? Gu Ang and Ye Fei looked at Bai SiNing with a breathless look on their faces, while the eyes of the others watching the good show fell on the two in unison.

“Yes!!! I second the motion!”

“In the first battle we just have to send our strongest fighting force to hit the ground running!”

“This would properly be a single fight between two armies before they faced each other in the ancient times!”

Once they saw that they could possibly get away with it, the class was instantly filled with people trying to get Bai SiNing’s proposal passed by the pressure of public opinion.

Are you kidding me? This is the kind of match that takes a beating and who loves to get on it. It was great to have a scapegoat.

Even the “four kings”, who have always been in the limelight, are now full of determination, loudly and rhythmically leading the class to shout together.

“The daytime marcher, Luminous Light is king!”

“The daytime marcher, Luminous Light is king!”

“The daytime marcher, Luminous Light is king!”

Gu Ang cursed in his heart, what a stupid slogan.

For just a moment, you guys really pulled together and left no stone unturned. Class S burst in with a unison chant that instantly drew the attention of the room. Even after a certain fan who wished to remain anonymous prompted by a private message from Bai SiNing stubbornly shifted a camera over.

Pop-ups scrolling wildly.

[Earned, earned, earned, to see these two gods in the first game]

[I’ve been hearing from the Red Flame guys that Gu Ang is pretty good, I’d like to see it today]

[So handsome, so handsome, so handsome, those dripping wet tresses, that perfect face, my legs are weak]

[I paid 6,000 star coins for the tickets and it was worth it!!!]

Gu Ang knew it was hard to escape and had to give a big hello to the camera.

Hammer mecha right, yesterday the doctor said the Alpha hormone wasn’t enough, just the right amount to add. He stood up from the ground, pulling Ye Fei, who was sitting on one hand, and Bai SiNing, who was still sending a message, on the other, and stepped straight out of the crowd to the side of Teacher Wang Chuang.

“Teacher Wang, since it was graciously recommended by the students, we’ll be on for this first battle. Seeing as the rules are for three people to take the field, me and Ye Fei, there’s one partner missing.” Gu Ang paused and gritted his teeth, “I recommend the strongest Beta in the grade to enter with together.”

Wang Chuang moved to tears, Gu Ang usually let himself lose so much money, but was reliable at the critical moment. Rise to the occasion and defy the odds!

“Okay, just the three of you. Remember to watch out for Bai SiNing during the game, it’s a team fight after all…”

Wang Chuang went over the dos and don’ts again, concluding with the statement, “Don’t get psyched up and surrender if you can’t beat them.”

Gu Ang sneered and gestured to the two men next to him that it was time to go get ready for the ring.

On the way, Bai SiNing dropped his head and muttered in a low voice, “No, Brother Ang, what are you pulling me for, I got kicked and twisted three times by you and I’m still recovering.”

“Didn’t I recover from you hitting me in the stomach?” Gu Ang replied without walking away.

Bai SiNing: “???”

He looked aside at the brawling Gu Ang, and always had the illusion that after beating him up, Gu Ang’s meta energy was even better.

Ye Fei followed the two in silence, making mental calculations. He was already not a fan of the limelight, not to mention this match, Lu ChangBai would definitely be watching the whole match and studying his moves in detail. He didn’t want to exert any strength in front of such a large group of people, lest the other side get defensive. Especially after a few encounters it became clear that the other side had the courage to move in and out.

Not an easy one.

He had meant to avoid the Games if he could, but Gu Ang had pulled him in and there was no way he could refuse.

Ye Fei gave Gu Ang a helpless look, “So what are you pulling me for?”

Gu Ang had an expression of looking at an idiot, “Of course it’s because you can fight. Just me going up there alone, really unarmed against dozens of mecha at the same time, where can I carry us? I blame Bai SiNing for bringing the tempo, and I saw that you didn’t object, so I piggybacked on you.”

Bai SiNing felt the gaze from Ye Fei next to him and involuntarily craned his neck and immediately closed the mike. The pot came out of nowhere, but it was as light as a feather for the big glow-in-the-dark CP banner it carried! Plus, it was a different kind of fun to fight with the luminous CP and get high up close.

Bai SiNing suddenly brought the whole person to life again, and his face surprisingly took on a hint of a solemn and sacred look. Gu Ang looked at Bai SiNing, who changed his expression in a second, with a puzzled look. Is this guy playing out of his mind? Why does he look godawful?

The stage host sprinkled to the right of the commentary box, and as the huge light screen also projected the commentary box, almost everyone drew in a breath at first, their expressions shocked.

Two figures were also present in the commentary box at the moment. The man was gallant and the woman was charming.

“Next, please give the warmest of applause to the two lords who have had the pleasure of visiting us at Red Flame and are willing to take on the role of commentator!”

“Imperial Marshal, Ye HongFeng.”

“The youngest female duke, the head of the Empire’s highest institute, Jiang RuiYuan.”

With a brief introduction from the MC, the entire Red Flame student body erupted into a skyrocketing chant. What Alpha hadn’t dreamed of becoming a marshal? What Alpha hadn’t wanted a custom mecha from the Supreme Institute? And at this very moment, one’s biggest idol was actually close at hand!

Gu Ang touched Ye Fei with his elbow and whispered, “Your dad’s actually here.”

Ye Fei nodded, “He graduated from Red Flame, it’s normal for him to show up.”

Bai SiNing muttered in a small voice, “What your dad and my dad, from now on it’s a joint dad.”

“Thank you all for your enthusiasm.” The extremely magnetic voice rang out over the entire Red Flame, drowning out the otherwise cacophony of voices, “After graduating for many years, I’m glad to be back at Red Flame to commentate on this fight for you all. I will be in charge of giving you all just the techniques used by the various trainees in the battle next, and as for the mecha part, I will leave it to Jiang RuiYuan to commentate for you.”

Sassy, with a military rigidity. It has instantly captured the hearts of a whole lot of teenage girls.

Some people are even starting to swipe the pop-ups, [I don’t want to marry Ye Fei, I want to be his stepmother!!!!]

Once again, the slightly raspy but charming female voice on the microphone ignited the enthusiasm of all the students present.

“Marshal Ye is a Red Flame graduate, and so am I.”

“I’m proud to be the first Omega to graduate from Red Flame and very happy to be commentating for everyone today.”

Gu Ang looked up, looking at the woman of style, and a strong vibration shook his heart. Surprisingly, there was precedent for an Omega graduating from Red Flame and doing just as well. Not giving up on his dream of fighting just because of the second gender distinction. Such an Omega, standing out in a crowd of Alphas was truly admirable.

Gu Ang clenched his fists, his desire to fight intensified.

Okay, today’s battle would be counted as his first battle as an Omega. Now that he was on the field, he had to win beautifully. 

At this moment, all the contestants had appeared in the huge circle, waiting for the start of the coming competition. Inside the circle, Gu Ang looked around.

The contestants were basically all the acquaintances they knew were present at the game.

Lin XiuYong, who was in the same grade.

Wei YangZe, third grade.

There were also some less familiar new faces.

Several people exchanged glances, and Lin XiuYong nodded to him with a helpless look on his face, looking like he was forced into it again. Wei YangZe, on the other hand, was all cocky and penned a thumbs down provocative gesture to Gu Ang. Without waiting for Gu Ang to provoke back, a hundred practice models of mecha fell from the sky and surrounded all the players.

Royal Knights, descended! 

The order was as imposing as if it had been measured by the spacing of a ruler, and…

The name of the Royal Order itself brought a sense of oppression. Although they were only reservists, each one was already at the level of an elite soldier leader. Even though they were driving a normal academy practice mecha for safety’s sake this time, unfortunately there was no way these students could have lasted a minute under the siege of the hordes.

A few cannon shots sounded to announce the official start of the game.

Gu Ang’s entire body went into fighting mode the moment he heard the signal.

The very second all the mecha moved, Gu Ang immediately reacted and yelled in a low voice, “Follow me!”

Before anyone could start moving, Gu Ang took the lead and started to meet the mecha on his own accord. Ye Fei and Bai SiNing didn’t hesitate to follow that figure with a thriving desire to fight. Bai SiNing was scared to death and followed him closely. Ye Fei felt very differently.

He and Gu Ang, who had fought side by side so many times before, counted countless battles taken by them together. After crossing over, it was all petty class battles before and not much fun. But this time, it brought him back to the old days all of a sudden, that thrill of fighting side by side between life and death, with his lover by his side.

Ye Fei clenched his fists, while trying not to reveal his strength.

Take that one with Gu Ang.

“Huh, are these little guys planning to stiffen up the Royal Knights?” Jiang RuiYuan asked curiously.

Ye HongFeng knew his own son, and Gu Ang, though not yet too familiar with him, was surprisingly consistent with Ye Fei in his battle thinking, “I guess he was probably trying to escape from the first encirclement of the mecha swarm through the cracks before the mecha converge, it seems that the Class S cadets have some research on the Royal Board Formation.”

Indeed, as Ye HongFeng said, Gu Ang did intend to escape the first siege while there was a gap before the mecha group formation was finished.

Royal Checkerboard Formation 7th Improved Version. Just a second after all the mecha activated, Gu Ang immediately judged the formation the other party was using. Who hasn’t been in the Royal Order? Gu Ang had not only been a member of the Royal Order in his previous life, but had even participated in the improvement of the Eighth Edition.

This was why the strategic skill was judged by the faint trajectory the moment all the mecha started. The first four seconds of the formation’s activation were marked by the main center, and breakdowns occurred at seven, nine, and twelve o’clock directions. With this breakthrough, the trio successfully evaded the first round of the Royal Knights’ siege.

Gu Ang looked back and surprisingly five other teams besides his own detachment had also escaped unscathed.

Lin XiuYong and Wei YangZe were also in the mix. The remaining ten teams were not so lucky.

With the Royal Knights intentionally letting up, thirty of them were directly taken away by the first attack by ninety percent! Only three people who belonged to different teams managed to hold out. And now just ten seconds have passed since the game started! And that left someone who could only gain one point so far!

“To join forces or not!?”

Looking at the Royal Knights who had changed formation and were preparing to strike again, someone could already not help their tingling scalp and began to roar.

Gu Ang and Ye Fei looked at each other and nodded their heads, instantly sharing the same mind.

In such a battlefield, the enemy’s enemy will never be one’s friend!

Both men choose to refuse to cooperate and fight alone. Determining their strategy, the two men struck at the same time, charging in two different directions, one left and one right.

Bai SiNing stood in the middle of the void, looking from side to side, left alone, “Holy shit, you guys, I got left behind!!!!”

Gu Ang went straight for the mecha, while Ye Fei went straight for the other class participants. The Royal Knights pilot commander commanded the mecha group to start up again and began to extend outward to launch the attack. The commentary desk was completely at odds with the light-hearted banter on set.

Jiang RuiYuan asked, “Marshal Ye, can you guess if they’ll still be able to get through the Knights’ defenses this time?”

Ye HongFeng seriously analyzed, ”I’m afraid it’s difficult. The reason why they were able to break through the siege just now was because the formation itself was broken, plus the mecha itself was a training model used by students with limited performance, resulting in the already existing brokenness being magnified indefinitely, which allowed them to seize the opportunity.”

He was even more bullish on Gu Ang, after all, he was only a freshman freshman and it was indeed tough to hold up.

“So you’re not saying that he doesn’t have a chance to escape the siege this time?”

“If you want to dodge it, naturally you don’t have a chance.”

“You don’t even have a chance to get in the game yourself?”

Ye HongFeng looked puzzled, “Why should I hide? Just kick the mecha with three punches and two kicks and that’s it.”

Gu Ang almost laughed as his ears listened to Ye HongFeng’s commentary. He was a lot like Ye HongFeng in that he liked violent solutions, which was why their relationship used to be so good. About as sympathetic as a violent fierce A. Gu Ang sunk his eyes, he didn’t stand a chance by dodging, so couldn’t he just smash the mecha?

But… A better option suddenly occurred to him. Ye Fei once told him that while violent demolitions were dry and direct, sometimes, one could use subtlety. Strategic combat was the only way to win with minimal losses on the battlefield.

Gu Ang was like a ghost on the battlefield, moving back and forth, dodging, and in the moment of crossing with the mecha, he seized the opportunity. The moment one of the mecha stabbed its weapon, Gu Ang slammed his feet on the ground and sprang into the air, dodging the attack from the other mecha in the air with a harrier flip at a moment’s notice. He then pressed his entire body directly against the outside of the cockpit of the practice mecha. With a strong pull, the protective cover of the cockpit was instantly detached.

“Hmm?” The knight sitting in the cockpit stared at the young-faced teenager for a moment, slightly confused. What was going on here, why was the protective shield in front of him gone?

The corner of Gu Ang’s mouth lifted, and without giving the other man a moment to react, he pulled him straight out of the cockpit with one hand and jumped into the cockpit.

The bird’s plan to take over the nest was a success!

The knight sat bewildered on the floor of the ring, not yet reacting. From the time I was a kid, within his mecha combat education, there was never a situation where the shield in front of his would be pulled away. It was true that a normal military mecha has no possibility of pulling the shield from the outside by human power, but this was not a military mecha, it was a practice mecha.

And the practice models of mecha all have a feature where the cockpit could be opened from the outside.

This was because it was convenient for the teacher or instructor to be able to assist from the outside should the student have a problem with the operation.

And that, when it came to Gu Ang, was his Achilles’ heel!

One thing lead to another. There was a break in the originally flawless grand formation. The orderly slaughter turned into disorderly chaos. Seemingly taking inspiration from Gu Ang, the other players thought of imitating Gu Ang to grab a mecha.

But reality slapped everyone in the room straight in the face. Any student who launched an attack on the mecha was blown off the field by the mecha at the first opportunity.

Gu Ang cockily cocked the corner of his mouth, he could do it because he was a five star Admiral.

You kids are still a little young. Do you really think the Royal Order is a bunch of fools?

In time, the already low numbers plummeted again, guided by Gu Ang’s misguided demonstration. There were seven less people directly from the original twenty or so.

Ye HongFeng looked at the whole scene and admired Gu Ang more than ever, “Interesting, I didn’t expect this student to be so calm. There’s a place for him in the future compared to the Royal Knights!”

Jiang RuiYuan smiled and teased, “To get a compliment from Marshal Ye, it seems that this little handsome boy has a bright future. Do you think he can last more than a minute?”

“That’s difficult. After all, robbing a mecha is kind of a slap in the face of all the members of the Royal Knights present. They should make it a priority to deal with this student.” Ye HongFeng was sweating for Gu Ang.

As Ye HongFeng said, the knights on the field, after easily taking care of the cannon fodder that didn’t have the brains to rush up to them, very neatly turned the mecha and put a firm lock on their target, Gu Ang.

Bai SiNing had a hard time rejoining Ye Fei and was dumbfounded by the battle, “What to do God Ye?! How can we help Brother Ang?!”

“Kill and eliminate the rest of the opponents faster than those knights!”

The mecha performance was there and the actionable ceiling was too low. Ye Fei did some mental calculations, and there was no way to beat a hundred with one, leaving aside the mecha he had grabbed. Just as Ye Fei moved, the rest of the mecha moved, swarming towards the mecha controlled by Gu Ang.

However, the next moment… 

“Mecha self-destruct sequence initiated.”

“5… 4… 3… 2… 1…”

The spectators saw a dark figure dart out, and behind it was a brilliant blaze of fire.

“FUCK, Gu Ang gave that mecha a self detonation!”

“Is the Red Flame Undifferentiated Combat Games playing this big now? A little carelessness can really get someone killed!”

“I have a feeling that this edition of the Undifferentiated Combat Games is going to be particularly strong.”

“By specifically inviting Marshal Ye, you wouldn’t be afraid that the Games would play too hard and be responsible for saving lives.”

Looking at the huge fireball created by a series of mecha being detonated on the light screen, not just the live audience, but the entire live stream was going fucking crazy.

In years of watching the tournament, they’ve never seen such a hard-hitting opening fight. Gu Ang wiped a handful of sweat from his head and let out a long breath. He took a big, fast run, putting distance between himself and the mecha once again.

The two commentators had expected a boring errand today, and now they were both interested.

“Once again, this interesting student has bought himself twenty seconds of time, oh. I’m sure not just me, but I suppose all the spectators who are watching the match will be looking forward to what this unusual teenager will do next.”

Ye HongFeng smiled, “I have to admit, this student does think outside the box and has enough execution to carry out his pie-in-the-sky plan. But I still say that now that he’s cornered, a few less mecha won’t help him last a few more seconds, and I’m afraid he’ll still have a hard time lasting more than a minute.”

The act of setting the mecha off to destroy other mecha really ignited the Order’s anger. A freshman in school who actually played everyone for laughs. The Knights abandoned their siege of the other targeted students and rushed over to the tall, thin teenager en masse.

It even made a ruthless move, unanimously releasing top Alpha pheromone for suppressive combat. The overwhelming pheromone came rushing in like an ocean wave with a mecha. The entire arena was filled with all sorts of smells and an overwhelming pressure.

Gu Ang felt some weakness in his legs and his steps were gradually slowing down.

Before, he could still manage one-on-one with Wei YangZe, but now with the entire group of pheromones pressing, he indeed couldn’t carry it. Just as everyone was curiously guessing what his next move would be, Gu Ang was seen sitting on his butt.

Just outside the battle ring, Gu Ang forfeited the fight himself!

The entire audience was in an uproar, not expecting the teenager who had made a name for himself to voluntarily admit defeat.

Gu Ang braced his will, smiled slightly, and said aloud to the camera, “Including the mecha I blew myself up, I destroyed a total of 4 mechas and gained me a total of 4000 points. Go students in the field, oh, you might be able to get this score if you can last a year under the siege of the Royal Knights.”

Ye Fei cocked the corner of his mouth, “This guy, forfeiting a match to have a little bit of limelight.”

He was worried about Gu Ang’s body after the pheromone press had just started. The Omega’s natural disadvantage, even if Gu Ang was strong, was a fatal weakness. He didn’t think the man would be able to bend and give himself a nice excuse.

And everyone else on the field, including Lin XiuYong and Wei YangZe, was in a daze.

Was this game still a contest? How could we compete in this game? Yet it wasn’t just the cadets on the field who had headaches. More of a headache than them was the school’s leadership.

So many years of running the Undifferentiated Combat Games, during Ye HongFeng’s session, under Ye HongFeng’s leadership swept the whole school to take the highest score ever, 973.

But now just one game into the Games, someone has broken that hard-to-beat record.

The rulemaking in which destroying mecha scores was supposed to be a gimmick was a trap. The intent of this scoring item was actually to remind students that overly high and unrealistic goals could only lead to destruction. They hadn’t even considered that there would be students who would be able to fight back and kill a mecha despite being surrounded by a formed Royal Knights.

But Gu Ang did it. And it was finished crisply and quite beautifully. The two were still teasing each other on the commentary stage, and Gu Ang had no desire to continue listening to the end. All he wanted to do now was to flee the scene and find the inhibitor and inject it.

The set of pheromone suppressions he’d just had had a really big effect on him, so big that he felt the scent of his own white peach oolong almost trickling out.

If you were caught in so many camera shots when you became an Omega… He wasn’t mentally prepared to withstand the consequences of this breaking news. What would people think? Would the school expel him?

And Ye Fei… 

Gu Ang was a little annoyed and hastily greeted his teammates, “I’m a little under the weather, so I’m pulling out. You guys go back to the stands first, I’ll come over and meet you guys later.”

Bai SiNing looked at him with a blue face and sounded anxious, “Brother Ang, did you just get hurt from the explosion?”

Gu Ang climbed down the stairs, “Yeah, I’m going to go to the hospital to get it taken care of, a minor injury.”

Ye Fei had silently checked around when Gu Ang came out of the blast, and Gu Ang didn’t have any wounds. That can only be… pheromone influence. He nodded, his brow filled with worry, “Go then.”

Bai SiNing pushed him with hatred, “You dead fish wood, Brother Ang is injured, hurry up and care of him!”

Ye Fei casually dismissed him, “Got it.”

Gu Ang wouldn’t say anything, so he had to follow quietly. 

Gu Ang pulled out the inhibitor from the storage locker next to the arena and stuffed it into his arms, walking briskly to the top floor toilets. No one would be on the top floor, and the toilet cubicles were each with their doors wide open and empty. He picked the innermost one and locked the door from the inside, squatting on the floor to study the use of the inhibitor.

He didn’t want to use this thing, but the Games weren’t over yet, so now he was forced to compromise. He squeezed his arm into a fist, revealing clear green veins. Gu Ang gritted his teeth at the right spot and stuck the needle in with unerring accuracy.

A cool liquid flowed down the veins, slowly flowing deep inside, smoothing out bit by bit the parched heat that the Alpha pheromone had tickled. Gu Ang breathed a sigh of relief and pulled out the needle to keep it down when he heard an unmistakable thud from the doorway. Gu Ang was startled and his hand shook, the inhibitor in his lap falling to the floor and rolling down the underside of the toilet.

Ye Fei closed the door of the toilet, pausing in his steps and looking at the inhibitor that rolled to his feet.

The huge English sign on it read ‘Omega only’. Ye Fei was a little heartbroken that someone as proud as Gu Ang would prefer to use something like this so as not to expose himself. He was wondering if he should take this opportunity to pick a fight with Gu Ang.

Easy containers do come with them, but which identity should one use to face such a Gu Ang?

Gu Ang gripped the door handle in his cubicle in a cold sweat. He was in the Alpha’s bathroom, and if word got out that an Omega had barged in unannounced, the consequences… He was afraid to even open his mouth to ask who was out there. He was prepared to punch the man down if he pushed the door open.

The next second, Gu Ang heard the unmistakably familiar voice speak in a low voice.

“This Omega, do you need help? I’ll be waiting for you at the door.”


Author’s Note: 

This chapter focuses on.

Bai SiNing: How many days do I have left to live?

Light: Ye Fei did he pinch my ear or not? Also, it’s impossible to get pregnant.

Ye HongFeng: My future wife is awesome.

Ye Fei: wife is affected by pheromone and wants to go on

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