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Chapter 10: Players’ TOP cancer

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: CaiCat


[Emmm…Not that I’m much of a mind, just want to ask the owner if you take rotten money?]

[Or if you’ve been kidnapped, just blink? Anyway, I don’t believe Carefree Farmstead will be much fun to play.]

[Oh, was that the reason you disappeared for the whole night? Give me the game qualification if you can, so I can go in and experience it (dog head)!] This was the resentment from the players who hadn’t grabbed the game qualification.

Mo Song, “…” I bet this was the same group of people as last night.

Just when he was thinking about whether to explain with a few words first, another group of people who had followed him into the game arrived.

[Here we go! Heard the news specially and came over to stand with the owner. As a player who played the game all night, I swear this is really a superbly dope game!]

[1L don’t talk nonsense. Brother Song is a conscientious anchor, and never takes rotten money. This time is certainly the same! Although last night, Brother Song did play the game to scold others, which was indeed a bit too much, he corrected it today. He also took the initiative to apologize. How open a person, ah! I will not allow you to discredit him! By the way, ‘Carefree Farmstead’ is really a treasure game! (☆_☆)]

[Well, you talk, talk, and add what face text, strange flesh. Hey, hey, hey, let’s not talk about this, I’ll show you a big treasure! [picture]]

The attached picture was a small golden shiny hoe, held by a dark palm, with a dark dirt field in the background.

Once this picture came out, it instantly exploded the a sea of late-arriving, game-playing, diving parties who expressed their envy of the tier owner below that floor. The majority of the onlookers were confused, not knowing what this group of people were excited about. Wasn’t it just a slightly better color weapon? To be honest, such a weapon was not just a decorative piece, if used to fight monsters, it was impossible.

This was probably the legend of how human sadness and happiness were not connected.

Mo Song, who was one step behind, was depressed. He also wanted to show off his big treasure, but he was beaten to it, so he had to settle for being second.

With that in mind, he sent out the text he had prepared earlier.

[Everyone says I’m taking rotten money, but I want to state one thing first. No, I’m just a mediocre self-starter striker. So, without further ado, let’s get to the point.]

[Before I entered the game last night, I actually did not believe that there was such a game in the world. It’s a game that people can’t stop playing, and willingly spend their time in. I’m not afraid to tell you that last night, all of us players only did one thing. That was weeding. Digging all the weeds out of the hard clay, leaving no roots. Perhaps you will ask, so boring, how in the end we persist for so long? The answer, in fact, I do not know…]

[Perhaps, this is the magic of a farming game.]

[Here, I also want to proudly introduce my weeding tool, the golden hoe! This was my first gift pack from as little as 10 stars to open. Out of the five hundred people in the entire game, only four or five players have it. With a good feel, it will have little wear and tear.]

[When it comes to the mall items, I have to praise the designer for the low fees…]

Mo Song praised the game ‘Carefree Farmstead’ from the beginning to the end. Whether it was the environment, the price of the mall items, or the kind of immersive experience when doing the task, he praised it all over. His words about the first charge package was very high, and he suggested that all new players to the game buy one and try their luck.

Mo Song smiled when he posted his “after-play” feelings, and thought that those barbarians should have nothing to say now, maybe they were already envious of it. With that feeling, he went to read the replies, but found that everyone’s eyes were drawn away by a picture from one of the floors.

[Haha! Speaking of weeding, I also have something to say. Everyone look at the oversized weed I dug out of the ground! Visually it has exceeded three meters! Look at the roots, how huge, how spectacular! I dare say this is the largest weed in the game!!! [picture]]

The picture was a tall man with a gray head and face carrying a huge weed in his hand with a silly smile on his face, naive and proud. Since he modified his appearance before entering the game, the person who sent the picture wasn’t worried that he would be recognized by people he knew.

Such an ordinary photo blew out quite a few more people.

[Pooh! Only three meters of grass? To call it the biggest, your face is really big! I’ll show you brother what I dug out! It is a full four meters, what did I say?! [picture]]

The attached picture was the same picture, but the main character and the grass in question had changed.

[Hmph, five meters of giant grass came to answer! Everyone here is a brother! [picture]]

[I have five point five meters…[picture]]

[Six-meter grass emperor. All stand down. [picture]]


For a while, pictures of strange and various weeds appeared throughout the floor. After comparing who dug up the biggest weed, the bored netizens began to compare whose weed was the smallest.

Mo Song hissed and thought, How come I didn’t know that people on StarNet have such serious top cancer? I didn’t expect it, but they all secretly cut that picture! Such a monumental thing, how could he have forgotten it…

Many people quarreled out of the fire, the smell of smoke in the post became heavy, and everyone scrambled to become the first at digging grass, so they accidentally forgot the existence of the original poster.

Mo Song, however, wasn’t angry, just felt a burst of tiredness. The real world was too noisy, and he just wanted to enter the game to be an ordinary farming player. Unfortunately, there was still a full 1 hour, 42 minutes and 07 seconds before the game cooldown ended.

Players who already had six hours of game experience entered the self-importance stage, while those who hadn’t played, brushed the game screenshots that kept coming out, and became more and more addicted.

[Really! It’s a boring game of farming, why can’t I stop looking at it?!]

[Why, who isn’t…? Is this game poisonous? Why can I look at grass for so long…]

[Am I the only one who thinks this game seems a bit interesting?]

[What’s the point of you thinking that? The game was sold out last night. I reasonably suspect that these people are sending out screenshots purely for the sake of gluttony! I’m not falling for it, let’s go!]

[Whoops, I’ve already left a message in the game’s communication section, hoping the designer will add more players online sooner…Play, I want to play!]

The bottom said anything. Mo Song roughly browsed a bit, found that everyone’s attitude towards Carefree Farmstead had changed a lot, finally put down his heart, and silently left the post.

Well…During the waiting time, he should go take a good shower, rub a fragrance, and then try to open something good from the other packs after he entered the game.

The Golden Tool Set had a permanent gold item that was suitable for him, the emperor.


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Thanks for the update!!! I wonder what the ML’s reaction would be when he realises that he doesn’t have a golden hoe lol and others do

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It will be a very different environment when Admiral Supreme returns. Will Tang Ying find him?
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