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You’ve spent days, weeks, even months reading all 126 chapters of GDC, now what? What do you read? What happens now?


Well, it’s not the end. It’s just the beginning.

A lot of readers on our site found the novel after watching the drama, so a lot of you do not know of the wide, wide world of Chinese Danmei novels. For those of you who do not know, Danmei is the specific name of the genre for BL (boy’s love, M/M, gay) novels. There are hundreds of thousands of Danmei novels in the world and there are hundreds that are translated or being translated into English.

If you want the full comprehensive list of translated novels, please visit Novel Updates HERE (yaoi) or HERE (shounen-ai.) There is a distinctive difference between yaoi and shounen-ai, both of which take their names after Japanese terms. Yaoi is, in layman’s terms, the more explicit version of shounen-ai that includes detailed sex scenes.

In this wide world, you must remember that not every book is the same, not all characters have the same personalities. If you continue trying to find a new novel to read with the expectations that that novel will be the new GDC, you will never be able to find a new novel to read or be able to immerse yourself in a new world. I recommend that you wrap GDC up into a little ball, store it into itself and keep it in its own category.

GDC is its own being. Since it was written in 2018, there have been hundreds of novels trying to recreate its fame, mimic its atmosphere and it’s worked in some cases. But if you do not move on from GDC, if you do not see it as a new start, you will never leave GDC and nothing new will begin. You’ll stagnate and never know of the hundreds of other novels out there that you are passing up because you’ve blindsided yourself into staying in the GDC world. It’s small-minded when you find a novel you like and want every novel after to be exactly the same.

So, please, on behalf of all of the other translators out there and all the authors, please try to read other novels. Read them, not with the mindset of trying to replace GDC, but with the mindset that you are looking for a new world to love, new characters that will make you laugh, and a new author you want to devour every single one of their novels.

Please don’t stagnant, please adventure out. Go find a new novel that hits you like GDC, one that makes you fall in love with reading to the point you don’t’ put the book down and dream about the characters when you sleep.

Priest and MXTX are not the only authors in the Damei circle. Read so many that you get confused by what is what:  wuxia / xuanhuan / xianxia.

Try some modern novels where the characters live like you and me in a world filled with technology.

Western fantasy novels where dragons fly in the sky, vampires have issues and werewolves are allergic to their own fur.

M-preg, where males have the ability to be like females in our world and it’s common for two males to have children together.

Cultivation novels are not the only good novels out there. Explore. Explore until you can’t read anymore and every word is a new world. Recommend novels to each other and let other novels shine and get the love they deserve.

Read other novels on our site, look for the ones that strike your fancy, HERE.


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August 14, 2021 7:31 am

I read this in 7 days, staying up from 11am yesterday to 5am today (and passed out for four hours before waking up to read the last few chapters lol) in order to finish it. I was captivated. I could never express in words all the ways this made me feel so all I can say is thank you to everyone who worked on this. Thank you.

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