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If you guys don’t follow our tumblr, then you’re missing out.

We announced earlier today where you can watch the first episode of the new donghua with English subtitles!


Most of us in the group have already watched it several times! There is no schedule for the episodes to be released but make sure to say thank you to the team making it available for those of us who don’t understand a lick of Chinese!



DONGHUA: (Anime)






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October 29, 2019 12:52 am

I’ve seen the first few episodes, thank you! They’re lovely! 🙂

Ms. Jean
Ms. Jean
May 25, 2020 1:44 am

I’m loving the book so much I don’t want to leave to go elsewhere. Looking forward to the Donghua . I watched an anime that stopped at Approx.32episodes but couldn’t find anymore episodes😔. Earlier it was mentioned about ice cream ads, that was the one I was watching. It’s not the same as the Donghua, is it? Anyway I’ll try and find the Donghua. Translators you are doing an excellent job I haven’t enjoyed, loved, excited on book in such a long time; I can’t wait to return when I have to take care of others responsibilities. The tv drama… Read more »

the craziest fujoshi you will ever find
the craziest fujoshi you will ever find
July 16, 2020 6:04 pm

haha i came here after watching the donghua. is the manhua worth reading after the novel?

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