GDC Donghua (Anime)

If you guys don’t follow our tumblr, then you’re missing out.

We announced earlier today where you can watch the first episode of the new donghua with English subtitles!


Most of us in the group have already watched it several times! There is no schedule for the episodes to be released but make sure to say thank you to the team making it available for those of us who don’t understand a lick of Chinese!



DONGHUA: (Anime)






GDC Chapter 55
GDC Chapter 56

73 thoughts on “GDC Donghua (Anime)

  1. The animation for ep1 is better than expected!

    My first thought was WWX has very big, beautiful eyes haha 😊
    And then I noticed that the donghua must have been by the same people that made The King’s Avatar.

    I love his silly ahoge!

    This is my first time watching a donghua and it feels like Chinese is spoken more quickly than Japanese. I was worried that I was watching at 1.25 speed lol! The story pacing didn’t help either. Instead of starting out calm when WWX returned, it was more like consistently jogging. I wonder if the story was understandable to people that didn’t read the novel.

    I like that they changed it so WWX doesn’t have to escape his room, and didn’t have to waste time with servants. I’m sad that they removed the good parts where the disciples are baffled by WWX’s crazy behavior though. Like when he made his entrance, as well as the whole stealing the flag scene. Those made the disciples more youthful and human.

    Still, I really enjoyed it! LWJ’s entrance was so beautiful.

  2. Hi thanksthanks! Ill wait to watch ep. 2 translated toó, ep 2 is beatifull.. Bit i dont understand chinese (I watched it even I didnt understand haga)

  3. very cool……………. I love it, the animation, the colors, mood and events are awesome………………I can’t wait for the rest of the episodes

  4. thank you for sharing this gem.. I no longer able to access Tumblr since it has been blocked by the gov last year.

    Truly a blessing having this site still accessible and generous.

    ExR you are all the best..

    I love the art.. Actually I thougt LMW would be adapted to anime first before GDC because there are many anime factor in the story but I guess the Boss vulgarity may hinder the broadcast permission..heheheh.. While in the other hand GDC subtle romance may be accepted easier.

    The ending OST is beautiful, my heart vibrate within the song. This anime is going to be big hit. More people will fall in love with GDC. This novel can build strong emotional bond with most of reader, added with fantastic animation arts that would be a masterpiece.

  5. I was wondering when you guys were going to post about it here lol I’m not really on tumblr so I missed your post but I’d been checking (in the comments section on mangago of all places lol) for the animation and found it in Chinese on the 9th! I was so thrilled to find TWO eps! And they’re so long compared to Japanese anime. The music is amazing too! Heeee! I’m super excited to see the subbed ep 2 now.

    The donghua is absolutely gorgeous and I do understand why they had to cut some content. Thanks to your incredible translations I already knew what was going on though! Now I’m re-reading the novel haha

    Thank you so much for your hard work on this series. I would never have gotten so invested without you bringing to light the author’s fantastic work.

  6. I saw the anime and I’m dying to see the new episode!!
    And i watched the video, beautifully made!! 😍😍😍😍
    I hope this turn a live action indeed!!

    Thanks for the news!

  7. OMG I love the first episode of GDC. Yes there were some changes from the original story, but almost all adaptations from books are like that. The directors and producers tend to cut out “filler” to make for a more cinematic flow, so while reading about certain scenes was enjoyable as a reader, I can understand the cuts for pacing sake. I will say I have been a bit spoiled watching anime where the dialogue is spoken slower, so I missed a few lines here and there, but over all I absolutely loved it. I can’t wait for the next episode!

  8. they really messed up the story too much. lots of work went into the scenery but quite disappointing in terms of art and story line. they really shouldn’t have messed up with the important parts and people. still gonna watch tho. hopefully they get better with each ep

  9. Wow, thank you! It got translated a lot faster than I expected! I was a little surprised/mildly disappointed at the things they changed (they kind of skipped Mo XuanYu’s backstory, it wasn’t really much of a mystery and WWX didn’t get to show off his knowledge as much) but at least LWJ appeared. Now that I think about it, he only personally shows up several chapters in the novel. Plus the Lan disciples get to do some fighting. Looking forward to the next episode!

  10. BL’s main readers are female. Donghua wants to draw all audience. So focusing on joke and game-like action stuff makes sense.

    From a live Q&A session between the donghua producers and fans, donghua’s timeline is different from the book: More chronological. Once season 1 starts showing past stories, it’ll stay there. Fans guess that season 1 will end with the Siege of Burial Mound.

  11. To the great translators at ExiledRebels…can someone please tell where i can buy the novel. Also is the entire anime out or is it only in episodes? Coz i would like to purchase that too if possible. Thank You for your help and your great translations!!

  12. Thx a million times! *bow* I’ve watched it with non-sub but still found it funny even though they changed several scenes from the novel. This anime is sooooo beautiful.

  13. The animation, music , and how the voices of the actors suited each of the characters was awsome.

    What seemed weird was how they cut out certain events and characters that appeared in the novel. It’s interesting though, and it’s understandable that they’d want a shorter workload seeing as the novel consists of 160~ chapters.

    Thanks to everyone involved in providing english subtitles of the GDC donghua!

  14. The donghua was lit af! Too bad they removed some of the scenes shortly after LWJ brought WWX back to Cloud Recesses before jumping into the flashback. Like when WWX saw LWJ brand on his chest and the multiple whiplash scars on his back. And I was dying to see a befuddled WWX lying on top of LWJ after the little stunt he pulled :/ hopefully they’ll still include it after the flashback? *fingers crossed*

  15. I was so happy that this novel have anime adaption, but I’m getting worried they gonna cut off all lan zhan X wei wuxian moments, since China doesnt like(?) same sex relationship..

    1. If you’re unsure how to phrase it, the politically correct term is “places major censorship on its media”. Just say that everytime you want to explain why a Chinese anime doesn’t have those moments.

  16. Just done reading the manhua and I love the arts…love how they looks…I think I got stuck staring at lan zhan in the cold spring (lol) and my jaw and cheeks hurts from over smiling and laughing…. I love the chibi looks too….

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