I am a Chef in the Modern Era

我在现代做厨子[美食] by

Wǒ zài xiàndài zuò chúzi [měishí] by Táozi sū

Genres: Fantasy, Comedy, Cooking, Romance, BL

Novel status in Original Country: Finished, 118 chapters

Translation status: Ongoing

Translators: Ceti, Jouissance, Crystal, Yan, Rara

Editor: Addis

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Author Summary:

In this life, Lin ShuYi has two wishes that are irrelevant.

One is to be scholar and the other is to cook.

He had the highest title of scholar in his previous world, but the emperor was a traitor, and he cut the scholar’s road off. Before Lin ShuYi died, he decided to realize his second wish in his next life.

Lin ShuYi smiled, it was so good to be alive.

Exiled Rebels Scanlations Summary:

Lin ShuYi was sentenced to death by the traitorous Emperor for a treasonous crime he didn’t commit. Before drinking the poisonous wine on the execution ground, he stared up at the snow falling from the sky and said to himself, “This is for the best, I will be a cook in my next life! I miss roast chicken…”

Then he woke up inside a body of a teenager in an era completely different from his past life. After that, he meets a nice old man who owns a small restaurant. Completely lost in this new modern world, he found that the only thing that would never change, no matter where one lived, was cooking.

Thus he picked up the promise he made to himself, to be a chef in this life.

So get ready for a mouth watering, tongue tingling adventure through romance, food and yaoi.